“ Outta’ My Mind on a Monday Moanin’ ”

About this time last year, I wrote my column about The 1st WJR Paul W. Smith Pure Michigan Ag Tour, during National Farmers Market Week. I restated some facts and figures as they had been given to me regarding crops, output, jobs, exports and agriculture’s importance to the Great State of Michigan’s overall economic well-being. A pretty important, albeit benign yet positive review of the unsung heroes of our very important farming community.

When I think of Michigan farmers, I still picture the “Family Farm” like the ones I grew up with in Monroe. I do realize many of those farms of yesteryear have evolved into huge mega-corporate entities. Nonetheless, I was not prepared for the attack on me and that column when someone took umbrage with the positive picture I had painted in a totally supportive way with the facts and figures I was given to work with. I was thought to be a shill, knowingly or not for somebody that was involved in a war of words and statistics regarding Michigan farming.

Be that as it may, here we go again. We just finished up National Farmers Market Week, and we just finished our 2nd Annual Paul W. Smith Pure Michigan Ag Tour.

What a pleasure starting off with the good people of Gleaners Community Food Bank who know and appreciate the farmers and farming that feeds us all.

Then on to Leelanau Cellars in Suttons Bay (actually, the Village of Omena), underscoring the importance of Michigan’s grape crop. (And cherries and hops and more.)

Then to another Michigan iconic jewel, the House of Flavors in Luddington.

And finally, Carbon Green Bio Energy in Lake Odessa, to look at agriculture's future beyond our stomachs.

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