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Opinion: Mainstream media ignores Trump’s success on world stage

Tony Shaffer

President Donald Trump continues to succeed on the world stage, but you wouldn’t know it if you listen to the mainstream media.

Take, for instance, the remarkable lack of news coverage of the ceremony in Hawaii honoring the remains of U.S. military personnel returning home from the Korean War. After 70 years lost on foreign soil, our brave boys were finally brought home -- and the mainstream media were practically silent.

Of all of the major cable news networks, Fox News was the only one that carried Vice President Mike Pence's address.

It’s just one example of how the media refuse to highlight President Trump’s accomplishments, especially those concerning North Korea, Iran, and Russia.

Through a combination of tough rhetoric and economic sanctions, President Trump forced Chairman Kim Jong Un to meet and reach an agreement, determining this was better than war against the most powerful military in the world.  

Since then, North Korea has ceased ballistic missile testing, returned American hostages, and sent back the remains of servicemen from the Korean War.

 The mainstream media weren’t impressed with President Trump’s strategy on North Korea, and journalists tried desperately to downplay the significance of his historic accomplishment. MSNBC analyst Jon Meacham said, “just because something hasn't happened before, doesn't mean it's historic.” CNN even complained about the food on the menu at the summit in Singapore.

But President Trump isn’t swayed by this petty criticism from the mainstream media. In fact, he doubles down. Just ask the Iranian mullahs and insurmountable pressure the Trump administration has applied to their economy.

Just a few weeks ago, President Trump sent a strong warning to Iran, saying that the U.S. is “no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death. Be Cautious!”

President Trump followed up his threat by imposing some of the toughest economic sanctions ever on Iran – and pushed our European allies to also curb their support for Iran. 

And yet, the Washington elites and liberal pundits once again found a way to criticize the president.

Pundits also criticize President Trump’s handling of Russia, even though he has been tougher on Russia than any U.S. President since the Cold War.

President Trump approved the largest sale of lethal weapons to Ukraine since 2014 - $200 billion - a deal Obama declined  — signed numerous executive orders targeting the Russian economy, and criminalized business dealings with some of Russia’s biggest energy companies.

The Trump administration just imposed even more sanctions on Russia as well in response to their chemical attack against a former Russian agent and his daughter in the UK.

Yet -  back in Washington, the Democrats and mainstream media scream “treason” at nearly every turn simply to be disruptive and try to damage the leadership of this president.

Vice President Mike Pence, right, receives a flag from Navy Rear Adm. Jon Kreitz, deputy director of the POW/MIA Accounting Agency during a visit to Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii, Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018. The flag presented was draped over one of the transfer cases with remains believed to be of American service members who fell in the Korean War. The remains were returned to the United States Wednesday. North Korea handed over the remains last week.

But the mission is too noble and the success is too great for the good news about President Trump’s foreign policy and national security to be ignored.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer is a retired senior intelligence operations officer and vice president for strategic initiatives & operations at the London Center for Policy Research.