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Eric Trump: America's choice between results or ruin

Eric Trump
Trump writes: "My father’s election made it clear that Democrats are often wholly opposed to the very values on which our country was built."

As America continues on its path of historic economic growth, unprecedented prosperity, surging markets, record low unemployment, wage growth and much more, a simple question arises as the midterm elections approach — what is the path forward for our great country?

We still have vivid memories of the dismal state of our economy and of our nation before my father took office. Now we have seen what’s possible under his leadership.

The midterm elections are not just about two competing political parties. They’re actually about two entirely different visions for America. My father’s election made it clear that Democrats are not just out of step with a majority of the country, but are often wholly opposed to the very values on which our country was built.

President Trump offers prosperity, and the results of our nation’s economy over the last 24 months speak for themselves. The administration’s unflinching pursuit of deregulation and historic tax cuts is creating vast amounts of wealth, while the president’s protective tariffs are ensuring that jobs and capital investment will remain in America.

Alternatively, the Democrats lack any message other than their desire to double your taxes, demonize law enforcement and advocate for sanctuary cities, all while obstructing and resisting at every turn. That extra cash in your pocket that hundreds of millions of people received from the largest tax cut our country has ever seen? Gone — they’ll take it away in a heartbeat. Unemployment and so many new jobs? Gone. If Democrats get their way, taxes for American businesses will double, crippling regulations will stop the surge of companies coming back to our great nation, consumer confidence will be lost, and America will go back to the stagnation and abysmal GDP growth that we unfortunately saw for too long.

In fact, today the Democrats are not merely pursuing their age-old agenda of high taxes and crippling regulations — they’re now openly embracing socialism. As a country, we must look at Venezuela, not to mention the over 100,000,000 human beings who were murdered by socialist governments in the 20th century alone. This is not our vision for America!

Democrats offer nothing but dysfunction and division. Consider the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, which is one of the bedrock principles of our nation. The Democrats tossed it aside like a week-old newspaper when it posed an obstacle to their quest to stop the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. They were not interested in governing seriously; their only motivation is maintaining power in the very “swamp” that my father is working so hard to drain.

Democrat policies offer increased crime, as they seek to brutally attack ICE and our law enforcement officers across our great nation. While my father is relentless in protecting Americans against people immigrating illegally, the Democrats are doing everything in their power to fight the wall, prop up and encourage sanctuary cities and to make sure anyone can come freely into our great country, without consequence.

On the other hand, my father and the Republicans are working hard to Make America Great again, despite the manufactured hysteria created by the Democrats on a daily basis to try to derail an unbelievably successful administration.

My father’s administration and the Republicans want America to be strong and independent on the world stage. The Democrats, on the other hand, have fully embraced “globalism.” We have rebuilt other nations with our wealth and have been ripped off for decades. They want Americans to be beholden to an unelected, unaccountable global order — the same order that promoted the destructive “free trade” policies that gutted the American manufacturing base, closed 70,000 factories from 2001-16, and destroyed America’s middle class while creating thriving wealth in China and elsewhere.

Americans are at a crossroads this November. One of prosperity and strength, and another of hardship and stagnation.

America is winning again, which was my father’s greatest campaign promise. The economy is booming, wages are increasing and unemployment is at a record low. Moreover, the nation’s military is being rebuilt, ISIS is defeated, and the notion of the American dream is once again possible. Let’s continue our amazing path forward — America is back!

Eric Trump is executive vice president of The Trump Organization and the son of President Donald Trump.