Napoleon: Nessel would make a great AG

Benny N. Napoleon

Editor's Note: The Detroit News is making recommendations in a number of state and local races on the Nov. 6 election ballot. To maximize our resources and give our readers a more balanced and comprehensive view of the candidates and issues, The News is using a different approach this year. Some of the selections will bear the traditional endorsement of the newspaper’s editorial board. In other races, we'll offer the personal recommendations of our editorial columnists, Nolan Finley and Ingrid Jacques, along with columns from an alternative viewpoint. As always, our mission is to provide our readers with the resources to help them make informed choices on Election Day.

As a lifelong Michigander and a public servant for over 40 years, I am casting my vote for Dana Nessel. Dana has an unwavering commitment to protecting residents in Wayne County and across Michigan. Public Safety has remained my top priority for Wayne County residents.

I have no doubt that as attorney general, she will ensure the safety for all communities of people who live here. Dana is tenacious in her quest for equality, inclusion and justice; a quest that is centered on the best interests of Michigan residents.

Her experience and background are unrivaled. She spent a decade in the Prosecutor’s Office advocating for “the least among us”; allowing her fair but firm personality to take a stand against sexual predators, arsonists, gangs and homicides.

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She knows the pressing needs facing our great State. Her commitment to the office of Attorney General issubstantial.

I have known Dana for many years and since the beginning, her vigorous commitment has extended outside the walls of the courtroom and into the community. She is a strong, compassionate and fearless leader who stands up and lets her voice be heard as she fights for civil rights.

She has a passion for our environment, for our children and for the rights of our working class. A passion that as attorney general she can turn into action. She can help make our workplaces safe, our environment friendly and keep our children secure.

She has taken an oath to defend, to support, to display integrity and honesty and each day she lives this oath to the fullest. I look forward to having an attorney general who will protect its residents instead of persecuting them. Dana Nessel is the clear choice to represent Michiganders as the next attorney general.

Benny N. Napoleon is sheriff of Wayne County.

Democratic attorney general candidate Dana Nessel talks to residents at a town hall meeting in Southfield on October 12.