Singer and actress Barbra Streisand in a recent interview with the Daily Mail dredged up tired complaints about the ill-informed, jealous, or just plain stupid white women who did not vote for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Streisand, who just released her first original musical album in 10 years, surmised that women found Clinton “too intimidating,” or that the candidate “made women feel unsuccessful.” She also said that because American women “don’t believe enough in their own thoughts,” we simply “vote the way [our] husbands vote.”

How incredibly wrong.

The left continues spreading the false narrative that conservative women do not think for themselves. They feign worry that we are cowed by our husbands or have somehow been robbed of independent thought. But their real concern is just the opposite: That principled, conservative women, unwilling to succumb to the group-think of identity politics, think for themselves.

Unlike some of these “woke” society figures who chastise us, conservative women consider more than the gender of a candidate. The choice not to vote for Clinton could have been made for any number of legitimate reasons – and because Clinton has yet to rule out a 2020 run, those reasons are worth repeating.

Clinton is followed by a trail of scandal and corruption that casts doubt upon her character. Her record of belittling women – particularly the victims of her husband, former President Bill Clinton – shows that she is no champion for women.

In addition, there is little reason for a small-government conservative to support a candidate who would continue the country’s descent into big-government progressivism.

Women on the left who continue to push their message about the stupidity of white, conservative women should be the ones quaking in their boots about now. These are the same women who, during the confirmation process for Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, irresponsibly and without evidence, supported anyone to come forward with accusations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh. Though two accusers have already been found to have manufactured their allegations to pursue political goals, the proponents of #BelieveWomen have never once apologized for the harm they may have done to real victims of sexual assault.

These supposed feminists are not fighting for women, but fighting against them when they try to belittle conservative women into silence.

What glitterati like Streisand have done is not chastise into submission, but rather embolden. Before the 2016 election, I had never written about politics. I was far more private about my opinions. Now there is no one who can make me sit down and be quiet.

The truth is that the left fears us because our vote has power. Those with status will continue to tell us that we are foolish and less-than in an attempt to make us abdicate our principles, but conservative women cannot allow the emotional arguments of identity politics to sway our resolve.

Not only have women of left increased our relevance, but they have also awoken a sleeping giant whose interests they do not seek to understand. It is incumbent upon conservative women to stand firm in our beliefs, and to act on them come 2020.

Beth Bailey is a Pinckney-based freelance writer.

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