Letter: Enbridge plans for Michigan's future

The Detroit News

For the last few years, there have been numerous, often impassioned, public discussions about the future of Line 5.

Enbridge began working with the State of Michigan to determine options for Line 5. The options needed to be feasible to ensure they would advance safety and environmental protections without compromising the delivery of energy on which area families and businesses rely.

Extensive assessments and studies have shown that construction of a tunnel to house a new Line 5 is the best option to continue providing safe, reliable energy delivery while providing superior environmental protection. The State of Michigan recently approved the tunnel replacement project and Enbridge has committed to paying all costs related to construction and operation.

The tunnel project will make a safe pipeline safer in several ways: It will house a new Line 5 under the Straits and incorporate multiple layers of protection. This includes constructing the tunnel with one-foot-thick concrete walls, reducing the chances of a leak into the Straits virtually to zero. The tunnel will be built 100 feet underground, making an anchor strike from a vessel in the Straits of Mackinac impossible.

Every day, the people of Michigan count on the energy that’s safely delivered by Line 5. This pipeline carries products necessary to heat homes and power industry and the State’s economy. More than half the state’s propane to heat homes and businesses is delivered from this pipeline alone.

The tunnel replacement project will take several years to obtain the necessary permits and complete the construction.

Oil pipeline operator Enbridge moves under the Mackinac Bridge on their way to inspect their controversial Line 5 under the Straits of Mackinac Wednesday, June 8, 2016. Using an autonomous underwater vehicle and a roving underwater vehicle over several days, the entire five-mile-long pipeline, which rests on supports along the bottom of Lake Michigan, will have been covered by both sonar and visual means.

We recognize that many people want us to take action now to put additional precautions in place. As the tunnel project progresses and planning begins, we are implementing additional safety measures on the current dual pipelines in the Straits.

We are providing funding for cameras to give the U.S. Coast Guard capabilities to monitor in real time ships entering the Straits. As demonstrated over the last several months, we have — and will continue to — shut down Line 5 in the Straits during adverse weather conditions. We also are adding safety enhancements to other Line 5 water crossings.

Line 5 continues to safely provide the energy Michigan residents need. The time is right, though, to build for the future.

Mike Moeller, Enbridge

Director of operations, Great Lakes Region