As retired Military General Officers, and current members of the Michigan Advocacy Corps (MAC), a nonprofit advancing Michigan’s future, we believe Launch Michigan is doing good work by raising awareness of the need to improve education in Michigan and establishing a goal to be a top ten education state for every Michigan student by 2026.

Launch Michigan was established as a partnership of business, education, labor, philanthropy, civic leaders, and parents, all coming together because they care deeply about education and our state’s collective future. We recognize this commitment and 2026 goal and applaud any effort that will improve educational opportunities in Michigan for our children and youth.

Education is not only critical in the private sector, but it also has national security implications. Currently, over 70 percent of citizens, ranging in age from 18 to 24-years-old, cannot qualify for military service. A major contributing factor is lack of the educational skills needed to meet the requirements of today’s military service. One third in this age range lack a high school diploma or can’t pass military entrance exams.

That is why we strongly support a high-quality education system that helps every student succeed in school, in their careers, and in life. We understand implicitly that a strong, thriving public education system is the cornerstone for successful kids, prosperous communities, and a strong economy and military. This work will not be easy, but we firmly believe it is possible to make meaningful and lasting change for our students and for our own future.

Launch Michigan recently completed an educator survey, which provides some important insights along with its recommendations to move the ball forward. We urge all Michigan residents to review the results. The full Launch Michigan Survey report is available on our website.

Major General (Retired) Thomas G. Cutler, U.S. Air Force, was the Adjutant General and Director of the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, 2003-2011.

Major General (Retired) William Henderson, U S. Air Force, served as the Commander of the Michigan Air National Guard Headquarters from 1992-1997. He was also the Chief Pilot for General Motors Corporation.

Major General (Retired) Gerald A. Miller, U.S. Army, was commander of the 34th Infantry Division, Minnesota National Guard. He was a professor and an Extension Service administrator at Iowa State University for over 36 years

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