Letter: Ethanol production benefits us all

The Detroit News

A recent editorial ("Ethanol is a bad deal for consumers," June 8) claimed that ethanol is better for farmers than consumers. The truth is that President Trump’s rollback of outdated regulations on summer sales of 15 percent ethanol (E15) fuel blends benefits rural communities and motorists alike.

The new rule simply gives consumers one more choice. As GasBuddy, a company that compiles fuel prices, recently noted, “The year-round approval of E15 will mean another outlet for corn growers, and lower prices for consumers that want to fill up with E15, which is generally offered 5 to 10 cents per gallon lower than E10 gasoline."

Ethanol production--and the mandate--provide consumers with options and boost local economies, readers write.

E15 is approved by the EPA for all cars built since 2001, which means it offers a more affordable fuel option for nine out of 10 motorists. And because ethanol boosts octane, higher blends can offer superior performance. That’s why NASCAR switched to a 15 percent ethanol blend in 2011.

It’s also an environmental winner. A 2019 USDA report shows ethanol reduces emissions by 39 percent or more. And outside experts agree. The latest scientific literature demonstrates that E15 “reduces harmful volatile organic compound emissions, displaces cancer-causing emissions, and reduces smog-forming potential, as well as cuts greenhouse gas emissions,” according to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute.

Given the benefits, it’s no wonder E15 is already available in 31 states. So while Michigan farmers and biofuel producers will certainly benefit, it’s clear that consumers come out ahead when there’s competition at the fuel pump.

Emily Skor, CEO

Growth Energy