Letters: Readers sound off on Trump, Amash

The Detroit News
Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., left, joined at right Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, votes with Democrats on the House Oversight and Reform Committee to subpoena presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway for not appearing before the panel after allegations that she repeatedly violated the Hatch Act in this file photo from Wednesday, June 26, 2019.

Party mentality leads sheep to slaughter

I have rarely thought of Rep. Justin Amash as a useful politician, but when President Donald Trump excoriated him for being disloyal, he proved Amash right about one thing: political parties demand absolute loyalty. 

Party loyalty really means parking your brains at the door and letting someone else do your thinking for you. If Amash can get more Americans thinking for themselves instead of automatically supporting their political party, he will be doing our country a huge favor.

A nation of sheep is a nation ready to be led to slaughter. 

Doris Applebaum

Oak Park

Defeating Trump would be a return to bad years

I read with great interest Nolan Finley's column ("What do black voters want?," July 21). The Rev. Wendell Anthony usually is a voice of reason in representing his flock. I am perplexed, however, by his desire for criminal justice reform. President Trump has delivered on that with the First Step Act (a bipartisan effort). His deregulation and lower tax plans have encouraged companies to expand and hire more people leading to the lowest unemployment number’s for black men and women ever.

Wages for the least educated and lowest paid have increased more than the college educated. His changes to the Affordable Care Act have allowed mostly young people to purchase health insurance plans they need and can afford. I agree that education needs work, but as long as elected reps are beholden to unions, that won’t happen. So, tell me again why the reverend wants President Trump defeated and a Democrat elected? Wouldn’t that just return this country to the Obama years? An unworthy goal.

Barbara Alcock