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Opinion: Socialist policies won't fly in Michigan

Ronna McDaniel

Voters already know what to expect tonight from the Democratic candidates: a doubling down on the radical, socialist policies that continue to alienate Americans — policies that were once too extreme even for the Democrat Party are now the left's norm.

Last month in Miami, Democratic candidates were vocal about their support for higher taxes, open borders and a government takeover of health care. They raised their hands in favor of abolishing private health insurance and hiking taxes on Americans. They advocated for decriminalizing illegal immigration and giving illegal immigrants taxpayer-funded health care.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., introduces the Medicare for All Act of 2019, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

Their vision for the future of America is not welcome here in Michigan, my home state. I was the chair of the Michigan Republican Party during the 2016 cycle when we delivered Michigan for President Donald Trump, turning the state red for the first time in almost 30 years. I know about fellow Michiganians’ interests and share their concerns. Democrats’ policies simply won’t fly here.

For far too long, Michigan’s workers and industries suffered poverty, crime and corruption under Democratic leadership.

Republican leadership, however, gave us a historic comeback. Thanks to Trump’s agenda, Michigan’s unemployment reached an 18-year low of 3.9% last October, and we are on track for our longest period of job growth since 1939.

Ronna Romney McDaniel

The manufacturing sector continues to add thousands of new jobs; there were over 600,000 manufacturing jobs in Michigan last year, up by 200,000 since 2009. Macomb County, which includes the metro Detroit area, added nearly 10,000 new manufacturing jobs between 2016 and 2018 — the largest increase in the nation. Companies like General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler continue to bring thousands of jobs and millions of dollars into factories across the state.

Meanwhile, the president’s U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement is another big win for Michigan and the entire country. Once passed by Congress, it will create 76,000 automotive manufacturing jobs in America. That’s a huge deal for our state, which accounts for over $37 billion in exports to Canada and Mexico.

Meanwhile, a vast majority of Michiganians reject Democrats’ socialist policies — especially a government takeover of health care, according to a recent poll.

The same poll found that 82% of those surveyed want more funding for security at our border, and that most Michigan voters are happy about the direction of the American economy.

It’s not just Michigan. A majority of Americans are happy about today’s economy and their personal finances. Trump’s policies have created 6 million new jobs, cut taxes for the middle-class, and grown our economy and wages at a rapid pace. His rapid deregulation — 13 regulations eliminated for each new one added — and pro-growth agenda have played a big role in cutting our unemployment to record lows for all groups, including African Americans, Hispanic Americans and women.

These are the kinds of successes we at the RNC highlight as we build upon our permanent field program and energize more voters than ever before. Much of our party’s strength comes from the Trump Victory Leadership Initiative, which trains our grassroots activists to organize in their communities and spread our party’s message. In 2016, we trained 5,000 of these fellows; going into this cycle, we already have 30,000 active fellows nationwide.

We have already hosted two National Weeks of Training this year. More than 26,500 people from all 50 states and four territories attended our first week of trainings and events, and we recently finished our second week of events, focusing on voter registration trainings in 14 battleground states. As a result, the Republican Party is growing every single day.

This week, as Democrats double down on socialism in our own backyard, we will remind voters that we have come too far to let Democrats send us backward. We will remind them that today’s Democratic Party is far too extreme for the American people. And with our permanent infrastructure and the enthusiasm of millions of Americans, we will re-elect President Trump to a second term to deliver even more victories for our country.

Ronna McDaniel is chairwoman of the Republican National Committee and former chairwoman of the Michigan GOP.