Ford right to join California emissions deal

Ford joining automakers on the state-brokered car emissions deal is a long-term bet on the success of the entire automotive industry ("Hotel California will be nightmare for Ford," Aug. 23).

Suppliers employ 2.5 times as many people as the automakers themselves. Recent research shows that rolling back the current clean car standards will hurt auto industry investments in clean car technologies, threatening between 89,000 and 202,000 of tomorrow’s clean vehicle technology jobs.

At the very least, Ford joining the state deal with Honda, Volkswagen and BMW is a step in the right direction to stabilize market signals, preserving our long-term investments in innovative technologies and protecting jobs.

On a global scale, the car market is getting cleaner and more efficient. Automakers and suppliers alike want and need to be able to sell our products everywhere. Ideally, we'd maintain a nationwide, technology-neutral clean cars standard that keeps American suppliers and automakers at the cutting edge. It's just smart business.

In the absence of strong national standards, we at Achates applaud Ford -- our client -- for maintaining the industry's forward momentum.

John Major Jr., vice president, government relations

Achates Power, Farmington Hills

Cut government spending

I agree with what Ingrid Jacques said in her article ("Our government's got to curb its spending addiction," Aug. 28 ). But where are the people in Congress who ask how are we going to pay for what we spend? Why is it that every four years the presidential candidates seem to be in a bidding war to show voters they will spend more for all the things they think voters want?  Free medical, free college education, free job training and even free money so everyone has a minimum income even if they don’t work. 

Each try to out-free the other.

If I ran for president, I would not get very far as I would ask, "Where’s the money coming from?" to paraphrase that famous hamburger commercial. I’d move to reduce spending and work toward a surplus to start paying down the national debt. Too many voters only ask what are you going to give me. There is no such thing as a free lunch. You have to pay for what you get some way. 

When people came to our township and asked to have a local road repaved I asked, "Are you willing to sign a petition to be taxed to pay for it?" They never came back with any petition to pave the road. 

Archie Patterson, supervisor

Bearinger Township

AOC should lay off Electoral College

Recently, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called for dissolution of the Electoral College because it is a racist institution where less populous states have votes out of proportion to their population when compared to more populous states.

The realization of this dream requires an amendment that is practically impossible because it would require passage by at least 38 state legislatures. AOC has a better chance of getting the U.S. to withdraw from the United Nations -- an organization that, by her metric, is extremely racist. In the UN, China and India are grossly underrepresented compared to the UK, Russia, France, Germany, Spain and the 57 Muslim nations.

If AOC is really true to her principles, I expect that she will sponsor a bill that calls for the U.S. to leave the UN, unless and until it changes its racist foundations.

Sylvia Fleshman, Farmington Hills

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