Consider merit in rescheduling primaries

Re: The Detroit News’ editorial, “Primary process overdue for overhaul” (Feb. 7): After the vote counting problems in Iowa, there are now many calls to reformulate the scheduling of each state's participation in the presidential primaries. Of course every state wants to be among the first.

I suggest that state participation be ordered on the basis of merit; that is, the states with the highest turnout percentage in recent presidential elections and primaries go first. That will provide an order that reflects the level of voter interest and acceptance of voter responsibility in each state. It also would give each state motivation to improve voter turnout and an opportunity to improve its position in the process. Furthermore, it’s fair to all.

Michael Schneider, Bloomfield Township

Allow municipal partnerships

Rep. Jason Sheppard and the Legislature have put forth a sound, bipartisan bill that allows communities to plan together in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

This bill, HB 5229, would amend the Municipal Partnership Act and does not raise any taxes in and of itself. The bill would require all plans to be put in front of affected voters in even-year November elections, when the greatest number of the electorate vote, ensuring transparency.

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No action or tax can take place without voter approval. The bill states the funds raised can only be used for the projects approved by voters. We will see our tax dollars stay in the partnership defined areas, as the funds can not be retained by any government or used for any other purpose. Many have voiced the false narrative of five mills, which is insulting to voters, as it is not true. The five mills is a cap, and all mills must be approved by the voters. With voter-approved plans, we can apply and receive federal funds for our projects.

As it stands now, there are no plans, no good roads and no forward action. We need this bill to plan as a community for cost effective solutions.

Ed Tillier, Commerce Township

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