Letters: Other views on virus strategy

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Let virus run its course

The last couple of articles Nolan Finley has written on the coronavirus (“Coronavirus cure is worse than the disease,” March 23, and “Poverty kills people too,” March 26) are spot on.

I’m a board-certified emergency physician with physician licenses in multiple states. Most physicians and front-line caregivers like myself not on television are very frustrated with the general media and public firestorm that has been generated, along with our leaders’ haphazard and knee-jerk responses to the pandemic.

We recognize that overall this is worse than the flu — but it still is not some type of zombie apocalypse.

It involves the same demographics as the flu along with similar complications. We find it interesting that tens of thousands die of complications of the flu every year, but the world doesn’t shut down.

A more appropriate response would be to simply allow the general population to go back to work while the at-risk populations practice a self-imposed quarantine. Forcing companies and individuals out of work, forcing companies to make respirators that they aren’t equipped to make, throwing antibiotics (Plaquenil and Zithromax) at a virus (completely different organism and doesn’t work) is only fueling mass hysteria and wasting resources. Herd immunity is the only real cure as the virus will eventually run its course. 

Kurt Kaczander, Laingsburg

doctor of osteopathic medicine

A motorcycle passes by almost empty street as the enhanced community quarantine is enforced to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in downtown Manila, Philippines on Thursday, March 19, 2020.

Media is out of touch

Re: Nolan Finley's March 29 column, “Wherever Joe is, keep him there”:

As Finley observes, the public rates President Trump’s management of COVID-19 very highly while the media coverage is almost 100% negative. What’s obvious is the media is very out of touch with public opinion and values. I'll go further — it appears the media is acting as an operative for another entity. I’d say that controlling entity is a unified Democratic Party and China. Many times CNN, MSNBC and others use the same words, phrases and tone. They all got the memo. And we, the people, are on to them. 

Cara McAlister, Bloomfield Township