Letter: Flint residents are giving up on justice

The Detroit News

While we no longer live inside the city limits of Flint, we were born and raised there

and remain active in the community through our church and have many friends who

still live there. That makes it especially disheartening to watch what is happening to

families as a result of the ongoing water crisis.

After watching the system grind slowly but steadily along in the search for justice,

Attorney General Dana Nessel abruptly dropped all charges against the eight Flint

water defendants. More than 250 days later, nothing else happened. Not one

decision maker is being held accountable and nothing is being said about it. That is


Attorney General Dana Nessel answers questions from reporters during a press conference Feb. 21 in Lansing.

Meanwhile, Nessel’s office is fighting in court to win immunity for some government

officials. Knowing all of this, it’s understandable that people living in Flint may simply

give up hope that government will secure justice, even as they live in a place where it

still does not feel safe to drink the water.

Nessel said she was a fighter for people, but it sure doesn’t feel like it today.

Bob and Jeanne Daunt, Flint