Letters: Other views on Michigan's golf ban, 'Christian Passover'

The Detroit News

Get angry, golfers

Re: "Michigan golfers itching to play, but Whitmer won't ease the restrictions," April 10: 

I am stunned by the lack of exposure and outrage at the ignorant and incendiary comments from Attorney General Dana Nessel in this article. 

Golf is a $5 billion industry in Michigan. It is enjoyed by folks from every age, race, religion and gender. 

As a past chairman of the Western Golf Association & Evans Scholars Foundation, I am stunned by the lack of leadership within the golf industry in Michigan addressing this acute attack on golf. 

David Robinson, Troy

"Golf is a $5 billion industry in Michigan," writes David Robinson of Troy."It is enjoyed by folks from every age, race, religion and gender."

'Christian Passover' is an insult

Re: "Christians and Jews should celebrate Passover," April 9: This article is tone deaf at best, and was seen by many as deliberately offensive.

First of all, the author of the piece is not a Jewish rabbi, but a faith leader from a Messianic church, a controversial movement funded by Evangelical churches as a way to convert vulnerable Jews to the worship of Christ. Publishing a Messianic piece without mentioning the controversy or printing an opposing view misleads readers.

Jewish readers found an opinions article advocating Christian celebration of Passover to be inappropriate and insulting.

The growing popularity of so-called "Christian Seders" is deeply worrying to the Jewish community. Taking one of the most holy and widespread Jewish observances and wrapping it in Christian theology is not just missing the point, but actively corrupting it. If you don't understand that, imagine if this article had said:

"Each year, I conduct an Easter service aimed to help Muslims learn more about Christianity and their faith, as well as providing a broader context to Christian followers of the Koran. I also share how Muhammad fulfilled the ultimate goal of Easter."

Do you see the problem now?

Just because someone broadcasts a religious TV show does not make them a religious authority. Remember, televangelists are still broadcasting "send me your donations to be protected from COVID-19" messages.

This was an insult to the Jewish community.

Aliza Panitz, Sunnyvale