Paul W. Smith: Through the misery, let's try to stay positive

Paul W. Smith

"Outta my mind on a Monday moanin'"

We have seen plenty of gut-wrenching bad things throughout the duration of this COVID-19 chapter in our world history. We have also seen plenty of actions and reactions that might lead us to what may one day be known as the Greatest Generation, Take 2.

The individual acts of heroism are too numerous to list anywhere. But you’ve seen them. You’ve done them.

Likewise, the group and corporate acts of heroism are too numerous to list anywhere. But you’ve seen and done those, too.

Through the haze of misery, let's work together, though physically apart, to try to accentuate the positive:

►For a stirring, patriotic pick-me-up, find and watch the historic televised speech of Queen Elizabeth II offering her message of global support, “We will succeed!” Already saw it? Then watch it again. 

►“I am moved and delighted to have received such an overwhelming reaction that has gone beyond our highest expectations. … It was an immeasurable honor and privilege to lend my voice to the prayers of millions of people, gathered in a single embrace — a small, great miracle of which the whole world was the protagonist and which confirms my optimism about the future of our planet.” The words of Andrea Bocelli, on the incredible reaction to the Italian tenor’s live-streaming solo performance Easter Sunday via YouTube from the Duomo in Milan.

Tenor Andrea Bocelli

As he was lifting our hearts and souls with his unmatched gift, he was on his way to going into the record books as drawing the biggest audience ever for a classical live stream in YouTube’s history. Find it on YouTube and see why.

►Finally, Google “Free Hugs Campaign” and feel free to feel good.

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