Letter: Michigan needs the Great Lakes Tunnel now more than ever

The Detroit News

Few would dispute that Michigan is resilient.

As much as any other state in the nation, Michigan has experienced adversity, and its residents show an indomitable resolve to overcome it.

Through hard work, determination and a belief that better days await, Michigan residents rise to the occasion to address many challenges — from unemployment to flooding to COVID-19. They have unwavering focus to do their part to keep their families, communities and themselves healthy and safe.

Their spirit in the face of adversity is inspiring. 

It has helped us grow as a company and forge strong connections with the communities in which we operate. We have learned to invest in what matters most to support a vibrant Michigan in which communities, businesses and recreational activities thrive.

Energy and infrastructure are an important component of Michigan’s restoration plans, and we are committed to doing our part.

At a time when Michigan needs it most, we are making a $500-million private investment — with no cost to taxpayers — to build the Great Lakes Tunnel Project under the Straits of Mackinac. The tunnel will house a replacement section of our Line 5 pipeline that will enhance operational and environmental safeguards in the straits.

Fresh nuts, bolts and fittings are ready to be added to the east leg of the Line 5 pipeline near St. Ignace on June 8, 2017.

The Great Lakes Tunnel Project will enable residents, hospitals, businesses, manufacturers and schools to continue to receive safely the heat, fuel and other essential energy on which they depend. It also will continue to provide the products essential to manufacturing vehicles, medicines, eyeglasses, clothing, sanitizers, disinfectants, disposable gloves, vitamins and other everyday items made in Michigan and throughout the Great Lakes region.

Additionally, construction of the Great Lakes Tunnel Project will involve at least two million worker hours, creating family-sustaining jobs. It also will generate tax revenues for state and local governments and serve as an economic stimulus for businesses in local communities.

Embodying the spirit of our fellow Michigan residents, we believe better days await Michigan. We are proud to be part of them, and look forward to constructing the Great Lakes Tunnel Project that will have an integral role in Michigan’s economic reboot and latest chapter of resiliency.

Mike Moeller, director of operations, Enbridge, Great Lakes Region