Letters: Leaders have responsibility to limit risk of COVID-19

The Detroit News

Schools reopening requires cooperation

Let us not rush into another school year and place at risk our children and our educators. Involving educators in the process because they are essential workers is necessary. School districts need to conduct a COVID-19 risk stress test before they attempt to reopen for in-seat education.

This is the responsibility of every school board, and should incorporate the guidance of the state educational agencies. Teachers and parents must be involved in the effort, because providing safety for the student and their family is the highest priority.

The federal government role in this process should include looking to the CDC and other appropriate agencies for evidence-based guidance. Congress needs to provide financial support to school districts before school starts. In many districts, before children are expected to return to school the community needs to improve broadband: students need laptops and educators need resources to provide education in multiple formats.

Each community should also assemble a health care team prepared to administer a public health and population health plan that can make every school safe. If this takes another six months or longer it is necessary to ensure that we do not spread the virus and place our children and their extended family at risk.

This virus is going to continue to cause morbidity and mortality, especially if school boards ignore the threat to our communities and follow political rather than evidence-based guidelines.

Zigmond A. Kozicki, Midland 

"Is the Macomb County Sheriff's Office free to choose which laws they would and would not like to enforce?"

Macomb sheriff must enforce Gov. Whitmer’s orders

With the announcement that the Macomb County Sheriff's Office will not enforce the governor’s executive order and mask mandate, there are several pressing questions Sheriff Anthony Wickersham must answer.

Is the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office free to choose which laws it would and would not like to enforce? Can the sheriff’s office just decide it no longer wants to enforce other laws, like those targeting speeding, drunken driving or breaking and entering? If so, which constitutional scholar determines which laws are applicable and which aren’t? Doesn’t that circumvent our entire democratic process?

Whether or not they like the law, the executive order is the law until adjudicated otherwise. This stance by the Sheriff's Office will do nothing but encourage those who are already emboldened by their selfishness to continue denying public health truths and circumventing the law in the name of faux civil liberties. Why encourage that?

These mixed messages and half-commitments from our public servants are exactly what leads to the continued denying of science-based solutions and the rise in COVID-19 cases. It is a dangerous pattern in this country that is now continuing in Macomb County.

Gabe Downey, Southfield