Paul W. Smith: Schwinn brings back childhood memories

Paul W. Smith

“Outta’ My Mind on a Monday Moanin’”

I’m sure it was many factors that led to my reaction to The Detroit News’ “Below the Fold” front page headline this past Thursday. 

One word, among so many on that front page that stuck out and sent me to a happy place. 

When was the last time I could say that about most of the news fit to print the last several months? 

The word? 


That’s right, Schwinn, a brand name I hadn’t heard, or frankly thought of, for years. 

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up in Monroe, “Schwinn” was the bike you dreamed of having. Today there are so many great bike brands out there, and I can’t quickly name any one of them; but ask me what the “Cadillac of bikes” was when I was growing up, and only one name comes to mind. 

Bicycle maker Detroit Bikes, LLC is endeavoring to make 500 copies of Schwinn’s classic Collegiate cruiser, right here in Detroit, Paul W. Smith writes.

Sam Jones did a great story on Motor City bicycle maker Detroit Bikes, LLC as it endeavors to make 500 copies of Schwinn’s classic Collegiate cruiser, right here in Detroit! How long has it been since Schwinn’s were last built in America? I would guess a long, long time ago, maybe way back when I was mowing as many lawns as I could for $3 each (yes, front and back) to get one of my own. 

All of a sudden I could go (seemingly) anywhere. 

My world grew by blocks. 

And all without a helmet! 

But we now do have bike helmets, and everyone should wear one while riding!

(I shouldn’t have to say that, but these days there are also “Never Helmeters.”)

Ho hum. 

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