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Editorial: Endorsements for August 4 primary

The Detroit News

The Detroit News is endorsing candidates in a number of races in today's election. Here are our choices.

For Congress:

8th District: Elissa Slotkin (D), Paul Junge (R)

9th District: Andy Levin (D), Gabi Grossbard (R)

10th District: Shane Hernandez (R), Kimberly Bizon (D)

11th District: Haley Stevens (D), Eric Esshaki (R)

12th District: Debbie Dingell (D), Jeff Jones (R)

13th District: Rashida Tlaib (D) 

14th District: Brenda Lawrence (D), Daryle Houston (R)

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The Detroit News is endorsing candidates in a number of races in the upcoming election.

State House:

Wayne County

1st District: Tenisha Yancey (D), Latricia Ann Lanier (R)

2nd District: Joe Tate (D), Mayra Rodriguez (R)

3rd District: Shri Thanedar (D), Anita Vinson (R)

4th District: Delorean Holmes (D), Howard Weathington (R)

5th District: Cynthia Johnson (D), Harold Day (R)

6th District: Tyrone Carter (D)

7th District: Lee Yancy (D), Ronald Cole (R)

8th District: George Etheridge (D), Miroslawa Teresa Gorak (R)

9th District: Karen Whitsett (D), James Stephens (R)

10th District: Mary Cavanagh (D), Cathy Alcorn (R)

11th District: Jewell Jones (D), James Townsend (R)

12th District: Alex Garza (D), Michelle Bailey (R)

13th District: Bill Colovos (D), Megan Frump (R)

14th District: Cara Clemente (D), Darrell Stasik (R)

15th District: Abdullah Hammoud (D), Carla O’Neill (R)

16th District: Kevin Coleman (D)

17th District: Joe Bellino Jr. (R)

19th District: Laurie Pohutsky (D), Martha Ptashnik (R)

20th District: Matt Koleszar (D), John Lacny (R)

21st District: Laurel Hess (R)

23rd District: Darrin Camilleri (D), John Poe (R)


26th District: Jim Ellison (D)

27th District: Matt Stoel (D), Elizabeth Goss (R)

29th District: Brenda Carter, (D)

35th District: Kyra Harris Bolden (D), Daniela Davis (R)

37th District: Randy Bruce (D), Mitch Swoboda (R)

38th District: Kelly Breen (D), Sreenivas Cherukuri (R)

39th District: Ryan Berman (R), Julia Pulver (D)

40th District: Mari Manoogian (D), Kendra Cleary

41st District: Padma Kuppa (D), Andrew Sosnoski (R)

43rd District: Andrea Schroeder (R), Nicole Breadon (D)

44th District: Matt Maddock (R), Denise Forrest (D)

45th District: Brendan Johnson (D), Mark Tisdel (R)

46th District: John Reilly (R), Jody LaMacchia (D)

51st District: Mike Mueller (R), Brad May (D)


18th District: Kevin Hertel (D), Michael Babat (R)

22nd District: Richard Steenland (D)

24th District: Alex Bronson (D), Steve Marino (R)

25th District: Nate Shannon (D), Adam Wiley (R)

28th District: Lori Stone (D),  Stephen Colegio (R)

30th District: Michael Chehab (D), Diana Farrington (R)

31st District: William Sowerby (D), Lisa Valerio-Nowc (R)

32nd District: Justin Boucher (D), Pamela Hornberger (R)

33rd District: Jeff Yaroch (R), Olu Jabari (D)

36th District: Douglas Wozniak (R), Robert Murphy (D)

Macomb County: 

Prosecutor: Jodi Switalski (D) 

Treasurer: Sherri Murphy (R), Lorie Barnwell (D) 

Clerk: Fred Miller (D), Anthony Forlini (R)

Public Works Commissioner: Candice Miller (R), Toni Moceri (D)

Wayne County:

Prosecutor: Kym Worthy (D)

Sheriff: Benny Napoleon (D)

Clerk: Cathy Garrett (D), Dylan Gomula (R)

Treasurer: Beverly Kindle-Walker (D), Anthony Wozniak (R) 

Register of Deeds: Bernard Youngblood (D), Parker Burns (R) 

Oakland County: 

County executive: Dave Coulter (D), Mike Kowall (R)

Clerk: Lisa Brown (D), Tina Barton (R)

Prosecutor: Karen McDonald (D), Lin Goetz (R)

Sheriff: Mike Bouchard (R), Vincent Gregory (D)

Treasurer: Robert Wittenberg (D), Susan Anderson (R)

Water commissioner: Jim Nash (D), Robert Buxbaum (R)