Finley: Republican Convention Notebook

Nolan Finley
The Detroit News

Again Tuesday night Republicans tilted at the windmill of mail-in voting.

More than two-thirds of Democrats voted by mail during the summer primaries, and nearly as many independents.

But two-thirds of GOP voters say they don't trust vote-by-mail.

You can see where this is going. Mail-in voting increases voter turnout. If the GOP keeps badmouthing mailed ballots, they can expect a lower turn-out of their voters, especially if Democrats succeed in limiting in-person voting. 

Yes, there is enormous potential for fraud and mistakes — we saw that in Detroit in the primary earlier this month.

The room is set and delegates begin to arrive for the first day of the Republican National Convention, Monday in Charlotte, N.C.

But mailed ballots aren't going away. Republicans need to convince their voters to fill out those ballots and put them in the mail early. See my column today.

Other thoughts on the second night of the RNC:

► If viewership is an indication, Democrats are more enthused about the upcoming election than Republicans. Viewership for the first night of the Republican National Convention was just more than 17 million, about 3 million short of what the debut night of the  Democratic National Convention drew last week.

► Commentators keep opining on the "dark" nature of the GOP show. I don't see it. On both nights so far, I've found a number of the speakers very inspirational. And certainly not as gloomy as the doom-saying Democratic line-up.

► Billy Graham's granddaughter, Cissie Graham Lynch, was an early speaker Tuesday night. That stands in contrast to her grandfather's non-partisanship. Billy Graham was a counselor to both Republican and Democratic presidents, and refused to sign political statements. 

► The left tried to make convention speaker Nick Sandmann a poster child for the racism of Donald Trump supporters. The reality turned out quite different, and the Kentucky Catholic high school student instead became the perfect example of how eager the liberal media is to prove its biased assumptions. His encounter with Michigan Native American agitator Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln memorial could have ruined his life. Instead, he fought back and has won libel suits against CNN and is pursuing others. 

► Hillary Clinton has been among those fearmongering that Donald Trump won't accept the results of the election if he loses. Now she's advising Joe Biden not to accept the results should he lose.

► Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron was one of a number of young, minority GOP officials with speaking roles at the RNC. The party's future looks bright. 

► First Lady Melania Trump has been seen, but rarely heard these past four years. That was a missed opportunity. She did a fine job Tuesday night, demonstrating that she could have helped soften Trump's image and helped him on a number of issues, including immigration.

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