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Letters: Businesses, Republicans shouldn't be fine with putting people at risk

The Detroit News

Businesses must protect their employees first

Officials across the country are making difficult decisions on whether to allow businesses to open during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has created economic uncertainty. As a nurse, I commend our state officials for protecting the health and safety of the community and putting protocols in place so businesses can open and operate safely.   

I was disappointed in six businesses cited by the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration for violating health and safety protocols, and not properly protecting their employees and the public. United Shore, a Speedway station and other businesses placed thousands of people at risk, including their employees, employees’ families and the public.

Businesses share the responsibility to protect the community, Stone writes.

Businesses share the responsibility to protect the community, and I’d hope they would strive to be part of the solution, not the problem, during this crisis. If we cannot depend on them to protect their employees/public, how can we depend on them for services?  

Sheryl Stone, Decatur

Republicans endanger lives with COVID-19 actions

As someone who used to trust and respect the Republican Party, I don’t understand the party’s hesitancy to provide safe voting during a pandemic by allowing for the timely counting of absentee ballots.

This is in no way in the best interest of Michigan residents, who should be encouraged to safely vote using our absentee system.

Republicans had an opportunity to work with Gov. Whitmer to fight the pandemic and encourage policies to keep Michigan residents safe. Instead they have chosen to sue the governor and will likely try to remove her power through Michigan’s bizarre ballot drive procedure. Stripping the governor of emergency powers will only dilute and confuse the state’s response to the pandemic.

Maybe they think no one will notice that while they pull strings to benefit the Republican Party, it exposes us to increased risk of catching the virus. Maybe they don’t know anyone affected by COVID-19, but I sure do.

Shame on them.

Meg Jalilevand, Ann Arbor