Paul W. Smith: How will we look back on life during COVID-19?

Paul W. Smith

“Outta’ My Mind on a Monday Moanin’” 

One day (I hope) we will look back and laugh about many of the unprecedented and unexpected events and experiences we have shared by coming into each others homes like never before and more often than we could have ever imagined because of “the virus.” 

It will forever be remembered as a ruthless killer of so many fellow Americans, as many viruses and diseases have in the past without rising to the level of “pandemic.”

It will forever be remembered as the poison to an economy that had been growing excellently, and (hopefully) it will continue to grow after. 

It was a killer of jobs, opportunities and dreams (which were at the very least, deferred.) 

COVID-19 was a killer of jobs, opportunities and dreams, Smith writes.

It will also be remembered, at least to those fully paying attention, as the most politicized illness ever. At least up until now. 

There will be many lessons learned and (hopefully) remembered from this day forward. 

There really is no “silver lining” here, which is tough to note for a guy who tries hard to promote, “Relentless Positive Radio.” 

The truth is, some businesses, those not destroyed by the medical and political mayhem, have prospered. They and others not yet there will be using new information learned under duress that will actually help their businesses run more efficiently and, frankly, more profitably than P.C. (pre-COVID-19). 

► Not missing a beat, but with a tremendous amount of hard work and (behind the scenes) collaboration, Tony Michaels, President and CEO of The Parade Company has announced the 94 year tradition will continue. America’s Thanksgiving Parade presented by Gardner-White is set to happen as a live televised-only production in the heart of downtown Detroit. 

Which means most people will enjoy the parade the way they always have: on television.  

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