Opinion: Professors are poisoning debate for next generation

Bill McMillan

Universities across America are being taken for a ride.

The race card ride.

Professors and administrators feel so guilty about their “white privilege” that they are tripping over themselves to “do the right thing.”

The latest craziness is from Abram X. Kendi. According to Fox News, “the American author who became the new director of the Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University in July, railed against [Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney] Barrett on Twitter for adopting two Black children from Haiti, equating her and her husband to 'White colonizers.'"

Abram X. Kendi's book is on the community read list at UM Dearborn, McMillan writes.

Say what?

Is that an insult to all those who have adopted children from other lands?

Worst of all, Kendi's book is on the community read list at UM Dearborn, “How to Be an Anti-racist.”

Hmmm. Someone who says racist things telling you how to be an anti-racist. Seems quite normal in a COVID-19 year.

Folks, listen. I hear from parents all the time about professors being left of center and telling students what to think. If, and only if, they ask me, I tell them I have lived long enough to know that you are going to be screwed by both parties.

But we have a whole group of people living off fear, loathing, racism, fascism, whatever ism you want.


They are snake oil salesmen. Taking advantage of you — and America.

But our universities, not all, but a scared or righteous few, are not buying into an honest dialogue.

When my dental hygienist, of all people, says that her daughter is hearing political values from professors that are contradictory to her parents' teachings, that tells me we should all be concerned.

It is not the job of professors to spew their views but be a conduit for honest debate. During one of my classes I was shocked when some students said they were afraid to say what they think.


How sad.

 And shame on profs who made them feel that way.

It is only going to get crazier in the weeks ahead. Profs, hold your tongue. Let students say their piece and shut the hell up.

It is the American way.

Bill McMillan is a retired Detroit News editor who teaches journalism at area colleges.