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Letters: On wearing face masks, and Trump's priorities

The Detroit News

Wear a face mask

As the past president of the Michigan State Medical Society and a member of the American Medical Association House of Delegates, I am urging all Americans and especially those in our state of Michigan to wear masks, to practice distancing and continue regular hand washing. It is important that we all follow the CDC recommendations on face covering. This is for your own personal health safety and very important for those around you!

A special thank you to all the health care workers and essential workers.

Richard E. Smith, MD, past president, Michigan State Medical Society

Special treatment for Trump? 

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump was released from Walter Reed hospital after spending three nights for treatment of COVID-19. Walter Reed is one of the finest hospitals in the world, and almost all of us will never qualify for the level of care that Trump received as well as afford the expense of the three-night stay. The stay no doubt was shortened based upon the high level of care given Trump.

Upon release from Walter Reed, Trump announced there would be no legislative discussion of the latest stimulus bill until after the election in the Senate.

In others words, Trump's priorities are to get Amy Coney Barnett confirmed to the Supreme Court before the election at the expense of the rest of us who need the stimulus bill passage much more than a possibly GOP-friendly judge.

Gerald Maxey, Farmington Hills