Opinion: Donald Trump's pro-American policies will see him reelected

Bill Schuette

The clock is ticking. It’s the 4th quarter. The score is tied. The stakes are high. Football game? Nope. It’s the presidential election. 

In 2016, errant pollsters and self-styled experts predicted a Hillary Clinton presidency. Four years later, these same voices already are celebrating a Joe Biden presidency. Not so fast, I say.

Like most presidential elections, the contest between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Biden will tighten in the days ahead. The score will be statistically tied: 46%-46%, with around 8% undecided. This group of undecided (or not willing to reveal their opinion) voters will determine the future of America. Here is the fundamental question: Do these voters favor Trump policies more than they dislike his personality or, does their dislike of his personality trump their support of the president’s policies? I believe sound policies will prevail and Trump wins a second term.

I believe sound policies will prevail and Trump wins a second term, Schuette writes.

►Taxes: Trump’s tax cuts put money in people’s pockets and provided incentives for businesses to invest in America and fueled huge job growth in our nation. Biden has vowed to eliminate the Trump tax cuts and raise taxes which will crush job creation and put hard working taxpayers out of work.

► The Supreme Court: Trump has appointed conservative judges to the federal courts across the nation. Trump’s appointments to the Supreme Court — Neil Gorsuch, Brett  Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett — are rule of law justices who will uphold the Constitution. Biden refuses to oppose “court packing,” fearing political retribution by extreme left-wing activists who have seized control of the Democrat party. Since 1869, the United States Supreme Court has consisted of nine seats. We cannot have politics and elections determine the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

► Public safety: Trump supports the responsibility of police departments to provide safety in our streets and neighborhoods. Law enforcement groups across our nation have endorsed him. In sharp contrast, Biden and radical Democrats want to slash police funding which would imperil public safety.

► Trade: Trump has stood up to China’s unfair trade practices and imposed tariffs to balance trade between the U.S. and China. Biden would remove the Trump tariffs and weaken America's global competitiveness. Additionally, Trump scrapped NAFTA and signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement to increase investment in U.S. businesses and build more jobs in America.

► America’s future: America is inherently good, not systemically bad. Our leaders,  past and present, have not been and are not perfect. Ronald Reagan described America as a shining city on a hill, a special land, situated between two great oceans inhabited by those who have a special love of freedom, faith and peace. He was right. Our shining city on a hill is always under construction, but is never a place of destruction. Every American has the responsibility to be a builder, to help in the continual construction of this nation we know as America. The foundation of the United States is freedom: free enterprise, free markets, individual responsibility, faith, personal property, and free speech. We must be resolute and determined to provide every American the chance to participate in this grand experiment we know as America. 

The re-election of Trump will provide the right policies to move America forward and continue to build the finest nation on this earth.

Bill Schuette has served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture, Michigan state senator, judge of the Michigan Court of Appeals and attorney general of Michigan. He lives in Midland.