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Letters: Readers weigh in on presidential election, national unity

The Detroit News

Dumping Trump a good first step 

In his column (Re: “Dumping Trump won’t heal America,” Nov. 8), Nolan Finley sums up voters for Joe Biden as “an elite class convinced of their own superiority and righteousness, determined to force allegiance to their vision of a flawed America that can only be fixed by tearing down its cherished heroes and institutions.” 


Not sure what cherished heroes and institutions Finley is talking about here, but he can’t seriously believe that a desire to tear them down was the most significant driver of a vote against President Donald Trump. I believe that Biden voters were more concerned about having a president who stands for things like honesty, integrity, common human decency, science, treating all people with respect and caring for all Americans — not just those who voted for him.

The ardent Trump supporters believe the president was cheated because Trump has told them this (without a shred of evidence). This is just the latest example of Trump stoking the bitter divide in this country for his own political gain. It may be true, as the headline says, that “dumping Trump won't heal U.S.” — but it is a necessary step. 

Jim Goddeeris, Birmingham

President Donald Trump smiles at supporters after a campaign rally at Gerald R. Ford International Airport, early Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Make room for diverse nation

Nolan Finley speaks of America’s former ability to come together and put aside our differences with the other side. Then in the very next paragraph, he calls half of the country elite, self-righteous and “determined to force allegiance to their vision of a flawed America.” 

Then he praises Trump supporters and gives a pass to well-meaning but misunderstood people who have “struggled to adjust to the new reality of a more diverse nation.” He even admits the fact that the old, less diverse America “worked very well for a long time for certain groups.” 

What you are describing is called white privilege. And those who supported Joe Biden are not all of the negative things you called them. They are are Black and brown folks who are finally getting the same rights and voice that “certain groups” have enjoyed for more than 200 years.

I would at least hope that if you truly are interested in coming together, that you stop coddling certain groups and make a little more room at the table for “a more diverse nation.” 

Chris Campbell, Melvindale