Letters: Michigan's leaders can't forget COVID-19 priorities

The Detroit News

I stand with the majority of Michigan residents who support our governor’s leadership on the pandemic. Despite partisan theater, Republican leaders have refused opportunities to collaborate and their only “plan” is to accept mass casualties and look the other way while we are left to struggle — many with the virus, others financially and psychologically.

The GOP professes to be “pro-life” while refusing simple measures to prevent the spread of the virus. They profess to value “freedom” while the only approach allowing freer, more normal lives would be to confront the public health crisis head-on.

I urge all Michigan residents who support science-based pandemic policy: Tell Senate Leader Mike Shirkey, State House Speaker Lee Chatfield and your Republican state representatives that they have a responsibility to Michigan residents to stop playing games and start working on solutions.

We all want children in school, economic recovery and the freedom to socialize, but the only path to normalcy is to unite around proven, science-based approaches.

Ashleigh Jennings, Troy

I still have not received a cent of my unemployment benefits, Gough writes.

Still waiting for unemployment benefits

It's coming up on eight months, and I still have not received a cent of my unemployment benefits.

Before March, I was working in a bar, freelance writing and dogsitting. Then, I lost my bar job; my dogsitting clients naturally didn't need my services. Even my writing dried up, with most clients opting to give projects to salaried employees.

I'm approved for unemployment. The fact I haven't received any of what I am due is maddening to say the least; I am only grateful I have no dependents other than my two shelter dogs.

I'm angry that nobody is trying to fix this flawed unemployment system, not just in Michigan but across the country, because the people who are associated with jobs worth losing during a pandemic are a non-priority to our national government. There are plenty of us living a financial nightmare through no fault of our own.

I just hope that now, after months of pandemic life, our stories are not forgotten.

Annie Gough, Detroit