Letters: Readers respond to continued indoor dining restrictions

The Detroit News

What's with Whitmer?

Is Gov. Gretchen Whitmer competing with New York's Andrew Cuomo and California's Gavin Newsom to be America's most destructive governor (“Michigan extends indoor dining ban but allows casinos, cinemas, bowling alleys to reopen,” Dec. 18)? Back when we first came out of ruinous lockdown, she OK'd indoor dining but not theaters or bowling alleys.

Now she opens those but keeps restaurants closed and their owners and employees suffering. Show me the science that says restaurants (with precautions) are major COVID spreaders. There is none.

Gary Witzenburg, East Lansing

Keeping 6-foot social distancing in mind, the Shake Shack in Troy tapes off every other table in its indoor dining area.

No justification for indoor dining ban  

There is no good scientific justification for shutting down restaurants. The data clearly shows that restaurant dining could be open for people under the age of 70 with the safety protocols already in place.

Individuals over the age of 70 or those that have compromised health can make the choice not to visit restaurants.

Perhaps Gov. Whitmer believes her behavior will ensure a second term. Or perhaps she is just a control freak.

She is killing off an industry (restaurants) for no scientific reason.

Ronald DiLiddo, Rochester Hills

Restaurants beware

The Andiamo restaurant owners went public with their opposition to lockdowns and offered support for restaurant employees. The following month, the state of Michigan suspended the liquor license at one of their restaurants (“MLCC suspends another 8 liquor licenses, including Andiamo Warren,” Dec. 15). This demonstrates what happens to those who oppose Whitmer. 

Restaurants are responsible for a small percentage of COVID spreads, according to the state's own data. Is it worth it to destroy our restaurant and hotel industry?

Kenneth Zielesch, Gladwin