Letters: Readers on political parties, national unity

The Detroit News

Some Democrats want a healthy GOP

I am a lifelong Democratic voter hoping that the Republican Party will reform and heal. One of the worst statements in the column by Nolan Finley and Ingrid Jacques (“Left exploits riot to purge Republicans,” Jan. 14) is: “Despite the rhetoric about unifying and healing America…Democrats have no interest in comity.”

Abraham Lincoln and his great party saved our nation and showed us that the only way to protect our democracy is to keep expanding it. We need two, healthy political parties who can represent different views and work hard on achieving that goal. I trust that President-elect Biden believes that — and I think that many of the Republicans he has worked with over the years trust him too.

To be a party like Lincoln’s today, Republicans have to do more than just purge President Donald Trump and lure back big donors they have repelled. There has to be a public reckoning with all of the toxic influences that have opposed protecting and expanding our democracy.

Frank Bach, Detroit

Readers discuss the GOP and the path to national unity.

New GOP identification required

It would help both the political analysis and the Republican Party if the Republicans and “Trumpicans” were separately identified. One really has little to do with the other.

Mark Maisonneuve, Berkley

Fear motivates violence across the board

Conservatives fear the loss of freedom of speech in favor of political correctness, and and the attack on police whose job is to serve and protect. Minorities fear the social injustice that they have experienced much of their lives. Fear is easily converted to hatred.

The vast majority of those attending the demonstration in Washington, and the vast majority of those attending racial demonstrations did not plan on turning to violence. However, when fear turns in to hatred, you are easily manipulated and led by some whose only intent is to instill violence. These are organized efforts by those who don’t really care about the issue; their only intent is to drive more wedges into the American people.

We cannot undo the terrible events of the past year, but we can learn and respond. The primary goal of the new administration must be to re-unite America. We are the United States of America, but our current and future leadership is doing a lousy job in demonstrating that.

Almost half of Americans did not support the president elect. When he takes over office, he must represent all Americans.

The first step in this is pulling together a staff that can, and will represent all of our country. Continuing to drive an ultra liberal platform will only instill more fear, which will then drive more hatred and unrest.

Let us all once again become the United States of America.

Glenn Sloan, Shelby Township