Bankole: Blacks must stop licking white liberals' boots

Bankole Thompson

If blacks keep playing nice with double-talking white liberal politicians instead of holding them to the same level of accountability as their conservative counterparts, then black cities like Detroit will remain economically desolate.

Blacks must stop acting polite and subservient to powerful liberal political leaders like Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Mayor Mike Duggan, and instead demand they fulfill campaign promises.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

It is no accident that Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, Benton Harbor and other urban cities are among the most economically disenfranchised and distressed in the state, even as they remain a gold mine of voters for liberal politicians like Whitmer every election season.

We are approaching a point where we must confront the top brass of liberal politics. It is time to stop the blame game and hold those with the levers of power accountable to grant relief to those sentenced to economic subjugation.

I’m growing weary about the stolidity of urban politics that white liberal power brokers master so well, and which remains a glaring example of their non-commitment to truly changing blacks lives for the better in Detroit and other urban centers.

The late Derrick Bell, the first black tenured professor at Harvard University Law School and an influential scholar on race, bemoaned in his writings the insidiousness of racism and how it is interwoven into American society. He argued that equality for blacks would remain an illusion if whites remain comfortable in the face of pervasive inequities confronting many blacks. Bell indicts the moral vacuity of white liberal politics that on the one hand pays lip service to the ideals of justice and equality for blacks, yet on the other hand relegates them to a state of sterile passivity.

That is why blacks must remain unrelenting in their demands for Whitmer and other significant players in the liberal establishment to concretely show how their policies are uplifting the black community.

However, what is unacceptable is the existence of do-nothing entities of black resistance that provide cover to the governor and other Democratic officials by compromising the demands of the suffering masses. Some turn their black pulpits over to their allies in the white liberal community, while Detroit remains a poster child for economic and social disempowerment. It is time for the black clergy in these very strange political times to stop aligning themselves with the dubious quarters of power.

Like Bell, I take seriously the freedom to speak truth to power. I am pessimistic about the future of blacks under the white liberal order. I am disappointed in the Whitmer administration’s refusal to confront the cruelty of black poverty, and its calculating evasiveness in tackling the issues of black well-being like facial recognition technology and other issues of grave concern.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan

The governor is able to continue in a mode of complacency because of her minions, and those from the black community who illegitimately give a stamp of approval to the administration’s unresponsiveness to the issues that perpetuate racial and economic inequality.   

It is not enough to take selfies with the governor, because selfies do not mean black liberation. Such attitude not only trivializes the very real hardships faced by Detroiters, but also betrays the quest for the administration to deliver on the real promises of democracy made during the 2018 gubernatorial campaign.

Let’s be clear. Liberal inertia and its inability to genuinely empathize with the conditions of oppression in the black community is partly what gave us President Donald Trump, because the black community did not see in Hillary Clinton a candidate who understood existentially the cry of the oppressed. 

Like Clinton, we see in Whitmer a governor who does not seem to understand the long road of suffering of poor black people, and as a result hasn’t demonstrated a sense of urgency.

It’s time to shine the light on the limited moral capacity of the white liberal order.

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