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Correction: This story has been updated to attribute descriptive information about a Caribbean home listing to the original report that appeared in

Luxury villa for sale at Oil Nut Bay.

Grosse Pointers broker British Virgin Islands abode

Grosse Pointers Doug and Jaime Rae Turnbull are no strangers to fabulous abodes. In fact, during the past 15 years, the well-known husband and wife team have made quite a name for themselves brokering magnificent mansions all over the world, often for some of Metro Detroit’s most discreet and under-the-radar money moguls.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that as we perused the Forbes website on Monday, we ran across an article promoting the sale of an over-the-top luxury villa in the British Virgin Islands that can be purchased by contacting, you guessed it, Doug and Jaime Rae Turnbull. The property is an astonishing domicile that you can only reach by helicopter or boat. There will be no “I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I’d drop by,” going on here. It sits on an acre of land situated on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean in an exclusive community known as Oil Nut Bay (Richard Branson and Google’s Larry Page would be your neighbors).

"The home offers one master suite and three guest king suites, each with their own bathrooms and custom mahogany walk-in closets. The common living areas feature hand-carved furnishings with bone, tortoise shell and metal inlays," Forbes reported. The indoor-outdoor living style that is a Caribbean architectural hallmark is reflected here with breathtaking views and an exterior "equipped with two infinity edge pools (yes, two — one right off of the master suite and the other off the living room)," Forbes said. And there’s a guest plunge pool, "an outdoor cliff-side dining banquette," and a relaxation pavilion.

“It is a home that just takes your breath away,” said Jaime Rae.

“The owners are friends and clients of ours from Michigan, who built the home, but later decided to sell it. It just went on the market this week and we’ve already had a very high-profile person who has come to see it. Of course, I can’t tell you who it was, but we’re already very excited.” The fact that Forbes snagged the opportunity to show it to its readers first, before it went officially on the market, speaks volumes. So we’re thrilled to be the second publication to announce this killer crib to all potential buyers. All you need is a cool $12 mill to make it happen. Jaime and Doug will be more than happy to hook you up.

Suzanne Lossia’s Detroit hustle pays off on ‘Cutthroat’

Suzanne Lossia is a “Cutthroat Kitchen” winner.

Local author/actress Suzanne Lossia surprised her friends Sunday night when she popped up as a competing chef on Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen.” But not only did she compete, she won. “I’m not really a chef,” she confesses, “but I’m a great cook.” But truthfully, cooking skills are not necessarily a requirement in this wacky reality cooking competition. In addition to cooking well, contestants must also outwit and even sabotage their opponents. That’s where Suzanne excelled. “I’m from Detroit,” she announced. “We hustle hard and I hustle harder.” Each contestant starts with the same amount of money that he or she must spend throughout the show in their quest for the prize. At the end, the contestant with the most money left is the winner. Suzanne walked away with $6,600. Good job.

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