SC: Yiannis Karamalis recalls friendship with Zsa Zsa



Zsa Zsa Gabor and Yiannis Karimalis

Yiannis Karamalis recalls friendship with Zsa Zsa

Local hairstylist Yiannis Karamalis lost more than an idol Sunday with the death of iconic glamour girl Zsa Zsa Gabor — he lost a friend. Known for being “known,” Zsa Zsa was a Hungarian actress who often did self-portrayal roles, parodying her glamour, her revolving-door marriages (she had nine of them), diamonds and furs, and plunging necklines. She was 99 when she died from heart failure. Yiannis met Gabor in 1978 when she came to Detroit for a personal appearance. From that point forward, they became friends.

“She was very wonderful person,” says Yiannis. “She liked to look good and took good care of herself. She was very gracious to people when they asked for her autograph. She enjoyed her fame a lot, dressed beautifully, and always wore her jewels and diamonds. Sometimes, I’d escort her to events. Once we were walking up some steps and I took her arm to help her. She said, ‘Don’t do that, dahlink, it makes me look old.’ ”

Yiannis last saw Zsa Zsa in L.A. 10 years ago. “She was quite ill at the time,” he recalls. “I said, ‘goodbye’ to her then. It was such an honor to know someone like her.”

Mindy Krigel and Arthur Bricker

Marriage in store for Arthur Bricker, Mindy Krigel

Fur guru Arthur Bricker from Bricker-Tunis Furs in West Bloomfield Township is engaged to his girlfriend of 10 years, Mindy Krigel. It seems that the two were coming to some crossroads in their lives and some decisions needed to be made. “Arthur was trying to decide if he wanted to retire or move to a smaller store,” says Mindy. “I was thinking of opening a clothing store, “More of Me” for fuller-size women. We are in love. So, why not just put a lid on all of it.” What’s funny is that Arthur used to date Mindy’s older sister many years ago. “I think I was 4 years old at the time,” says Mindy. The happy couple plans to marry sometime during the summer of next year. This is the third marriage for each them. Mindy is 58 and Arthur is 77. Mazel tov!

Alison Vaughn of Jackets for Jobs

Generous donation heading to Jackets for Jobs

Since we’re speaking of Arthur Bricker of Bricker Tunis Furs, we’d be remiss not to mention his most recent generous donation. Earlier this week, the veteran furrier announced that he would donate 30 coats to Alison Vaughn’s Jackets for Jobs. Jackets for Jobs is a nonprofit organization that has provided employment etiquette, career skills training and professional attire for more than 16 years. “Looking and feeling your best are keys to success in the job hunt,” says Vaughn. “Gifting us with these beautiful coats to present to our clients is a true blessing.”

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