SC: Detroit ’67 Project celebrates ‘Detroit’ tie


Detroit ’67 Project celebrates ‘Detroit’ relationship

It’s been a little more than a year since Marlowe Stoudamire, director of the Detroit Historical Society’s Detroit ’67 Project, decided it would be a good look for the ’67 Project to partner with a movie being made called “Detroit.” “I literally chased them for a year,” Stoudamire recalls. “I was even almost arrested once because of my relentless pursuit.” Finally, he caught up with them and made his partnership pitch. They bought what Marlowe was selling, and now fast forward to the red carpet premiere of this intense and poignant film that took place at the Fox Theatre on Tuesday night.

“One of the best parts of the evening was achieving our goal to let everyday Detroiters get dressed up and come to a Hollywood-type red carpet movie premiere for a movie about their city,” says Stoudamire. So now that the movie is receiving positive reviews and the premiere event was a success, what’s next? In terms of the ’67 Project, a complex exhibit that runs at the Detroit Historical Museum through 2019, Stoudamire says we must continue the conversation, understand our past and work diligently on our future.

“As far as the movie,” he continues, “as it goes national, we want it to point people back to Detroit. We want people to hear the rest of the story. What happened here 50 years ago was about much more than the incident that was the focus of the movie. Next, through the exhibition, we have to explore the past 50 years up to the present day, detailing the progress we have made, as well the setbacks we have encountered. We have to offer a perspective on what lies ahead and will challenge the community to use what we have learned in the past 100-plus years to help create a positive future for Detroit. Hmmmm. Surely, there’s gotta be another movie in there somewhere.

Flo Ballard movie turning into a drama unto itself

The ongoing drama of producing the Florence Ballard movie continues. Peter Benjaminson, who wrote the book “Flo, The Lost Supreme,” on which the story is based, worked with Flo’s oldest daughter, Michelle, on a deal a few years ago that has apparently gone sour. Now, they have another option deal signed, this time with a legit producer named Phillip White. Flo’s other two daughters, Nicole and Lisa, wouldn’t sign off on it, and now they’ve teamed up with someone else saying he’s making a movie about Flo. In fact, they’re having a casting call Sunday in Detroit at 2 p.m. at Roberts Riverwalk Hotel.

Jay Maniyac Lamont, CEO of BallOutBoy Films, is hosting the casting call, claiming to have R&B singer Faith Evans on board for the film. On the other hand, Faith has reportedly said, “No” — she wants to be in the official Benjaminson/Michelle Ballard Chapman film. Peter says Lamont hasn’t gotten permission to use parts of his book, either. At this rate, they’ll soon be able to make a drama about the drama of making this flick.

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