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SC: Mark Wahlberg back in town

Chuck Bennett

Marquis Mark in town for burgers, nutrition products

It’s fun running into actor Mark Wahlberg in Detroit so much lately. He’s in the area often doing business with his Wahlburger’s business partner, Nino Cutraro. On his latest visit (he was here promoting his nutrition products, Performance Inspired, at Meijer and preparing for the opening of Wahlburger’s in Taylor), we couldn’t help but notice his new svelte look. Apparently, Mark is getting ready for a starring role in a new action film. We spotted him at Bella Piatti in Birmingham, which is owned by Nino and his wife, Elizabeth Cutraro. Mark is on a fitness regimen that involves things like working out twice a day, a new diet and no alcohol. Reportedly, the 46-year-old actor is planning to get down to an insane 6 percent body fat for his role as a CIA agent in the movie, called “Mile 22.”

Designing woman surprises CCS

Highly acclaimed fashion designer Anna Sui did a surprise pop-up visit at College for Creative Studies on Wednesday. For shoe designer Aki Choklat, the college’s chair of the fashion accessories design department, it was like receiving a late Christmas gift. “Tom Kartsotis from Shinola told her about us,” says Aki. “We spoke about books, materials and fashion history such as Ballets Russes.” Sui, a native Detroiter, was in the area visiting family. She was obviously so impressed with the space and the level of student work that she accepted an invitation to come back to visit in the future with a CCS lecture in the fall of 2018. “The visit was quite brief since the college is closed, but we opened the door for her,” Aki continues. “I mean its Anna Sui.”

Cutting edge ‘Hair Wars’ creator has big plans

Hair Wars creator David“Hump the Grinder” Humphries is extremely excited about events surrounding “Hair Wars” for 2018. Hair Wars, the annual touring hair bash, which has easily become one of the biggest hair shows in the U.S., will have a reunion in Las Vegas Jan. 15-17. “We’re trying to keep people connected and entice some younger talent to get into the groove,” said Humphries. They’re expecting around 200 leaders in the industry from the veterans and old stars to high-spirited new millennials. On March 18, Hair Wars will be showcased at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, featuring fantasy hair pieces from local hair stars Little Willie and Keith Matthews. Next year’s annual show takes place at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn on April 15. The theme is “Hair Wars, The Musical,” incorporating scenes from popular musicals, featuring more than 250 creative hairdos. Visit hairwarsustour.com.

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