SC: Kendall and Blake cause a stir at Red Wings victory

Chuck Bennett

Correction: In an earlier version of this story, Rob Casalou, CEO of Saint Joseph Mercy Health System and Mercy Health, was erroneously listed as a guest in a Red Wings luxury suite.  

Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner were spotted together in Hollywood, California, in December.

Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin cause a stir at Red Wings victory

There was lots of buzz at Little Caesar’s Arena Tuesday during the Red Wings victory over Pittsburgh. It seems reality star/super model Kendall Jenner was in the house along with her beau, new Detroit Piston BlakeGriffin. Hosted in a luxury suite by Jeffrey Fratarcangeli, managing principal of Fratarcangeli Wealth Management, and his wife, Nicole, Kendall and Blake were joined by an intimate group of people, including Julie Abdelkader (wife of Red Wings Justin Abdelkader); PR guru Justin Near; attorney Jeffrey Abood; and Blake’s brother, Taylor Griffin. Singer Karen Newman popped in after singing the national anthem. We hear it was the first Red Wings game for Kendall and Blake, and that the host had invited everyone to enjoy a laid-back, chill evening. “They were very friendly and talked to everyone all night,” said one guest. Apparently no one was gauche enough to whip out their phone and take photos. Darn it.

BET, reporter Robin Givhan in dust-up

The Leading Women Defined gathering that took place in Florida last week experienced a bit of scandal. This is a secret society meeting, if you will, of about 100 supremely influential black women (a few from Metro Detroit) annually led by Debra Lee and BET. One of the events during the three-day gathering was a conversation between Michelle Obama and former presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett, where the two friends sat onstage and had a good girlfriend chat, no holds barred. Washington Post Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Robin Givhan was invited to participate in a fashion panel. While there, the Detroit native attended the girlfriend chat with Obama and decided to write about it for the Washington Post. According to BET, the conversation was off the record, and she shouldn’t have done that. As a result, they asked her to leave and canceled the panel that she was supposed to moderate. Some say BET didn’t play by its own rules, posting some of the interview on its website. From there, the social media brawl began, with many posts bashing Givhan. “This is a complete violation of journalistic ethics and Black girl code,” tweeted one writer. On the other hand, many journalists defended Givhan, including the National Association of Black Journalists.

“As the world’s largest journalism organization of people of color, it is vital that NABJ stands up for the rights of journalists to do their job without being attacked,” the NABJ board of directors wrote in a letter.

LCA chef touts arena’s restaurant quality food

We chatted up executive chef Pastor Jimenez from Delaware North, which oversees all the food operations at Little Caesars Arena. He was proud to inform us that the preparation and quality of food served throughout the venue — from hot dogs to lobster tails — can be compared to any of the best restaurants in town.

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