Society Confidential: Rapper Trick Trick shows another side

Chuck Bennett
Special to The Detroit News
Chris "Trick Trick" and Leslye Mathis celebrate at an event in St. Clair Shores.

Correction: This story has been updated to correctly spell Mikey Eckstein’s last name.

Rapper Trick Trick shows another side

Most people know Chris “Trick Trick” Mathis as an original bad boy rapper from Detroit, a leader in the Motor City’s urban music community. But there’s so much more to the complex man, who is known to be street tough but also kind and philanthropic. On Saturday, a little more than 100 family members, friends and fans were treated to a festive first-hand look into Trick’s other side. With his lovely wife, Leslye, he hosted a lavish event at a hall in St. Clair Shores promoting their new business venture, Elegant Fantasy Events, a multi-faceted event planning company. Several exquisite table presentations created by Leslye were on display, while guests dined on a variety of culinary delights supplied by Blue Eyed Peas, Fooshay’s Catering, Kris the Carver, Bucharest Grill and Sugar Sweets 313. There was a presentation, an open bar, music and dancing. Trick Trick and Leslye also own a travel agency known as Dream Life Travel. “My husband wrote, directed and produced the movie, "The Last 24,” and they just finished filming, so we also had a wrap party for the actors and crew,” said Leslye, explaining the purpose of the evening. “We incorporated the launch, his wrap party and my birthday all in one.” Guests included Carol Dorsey, Ziad Kassab, Ayman Bedoun, Victoria McClemore, Mikey Eckstein, and Moet Michigan ambassador William “Joey Zasa” Cartwright.

Brenda Rosenberg’s photograph of the Great Salt Lake graces an office.

Walls getting the fashionable mural touch  

Remember Brenda Rosenberg? She’s the ultimate fashionista who used to be fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue and vice president at Hudson’s. Well, she’s still around and making the world more beautiful, one wall at a time. Brenda is creating awesome wall murals for her own collection and as a consultant for the DIA. “My wall mural collection for The Detroit Wallpaper Company gives me the opportunity to share the global wonders my camera has captured, North Pole to South Pole; photographs that can transform homes, offices, restaurants, and wedding venues into magical places of love and harmony,” says Brenda. Signed and numbered limited editions are $1,500 installed. Also available at the DIA gift shop and online, 10 ready-to-hang designs from Brenda are priced at $750. Brenda’s collection and community efforts are available on

Brenda Rosenberg

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