Society Confidential: 40th anniversary party pulls out all the stops

Chuck Bennett
Special to The Detroit News


From left:  Jordan Sasson, Jeremy Sasson and Stefenie Sasson Berger.

40th anniversary party pulls out all the stops

When Jeremy, Stefenie and Jordan Sasson invite you to a party, you don’t ask any questions. You put on your best party outfit and your best party attitude, and you go for an experience of a lifetime. On Saturday, the popular siblings hosted a 40th anniversary party for their parents, Monica and Henry Sasson. About 150 guests received the request to join in the celebration, which was held at Prime+Proper (Jeremy owns P+P and Townhouse Restaurants). After relinquishing their cellphones and cameras at the front door, partygoers enjoyed lamb chops, crab legs and caviar, fine wine and scotch and recorded music that kept some of Metro Detroit’s fiercest movers and shakers on the dance floor all night. Did you know Detroit’s sexiest new lounge is located behind a secret door at Prime + Proper? Open to the public soon. Stay tuned. Happy anniversary Monica and Henry Sasson!

Artist Richard Phillips

Nadeau gives exonerated artist a fresh start 

 We guess you could say through a long and painful process, artist Richard Phillips knows how to make lemonade out of lemons. Phillips was released from prison in 2017 following 45 years of wrongful imprisonment, after being cleared of the 1971 homicide for which he had been convicted decades before. Phillips is reportedly the longest-serving inmate of the United States penal system to win exoneration. During his four decades in prison, Phillips turned to art to occupy his heart and mind, painting masterful works in watercolors in his cell. Most recently, Nadeau, the furniture brand “with a soul,” has offered Phillips an entire makeover of his new apartment. The company worked with him to incorporate creative pieces into a newly renovated home. Nadeau has also committed to selling Phillips’ artwork at its store in Birmingham. To date, Phillips has displayed and sold roughly 50 of his more than 400 watercolors that he made in his prison cell during the 45 years to Detroit-area galleries.

Birthday bash at Michigan Science Center

Detroit Councilman Andre Spivey threw a massive bash honoring his 45th birthday on Friday. He accommodated more than 1,000 people on three floors with music and entertainment at the Michigan Science Center. There were cocktails, a strolling buffet and live performances from major recording artists Ledisi, Keri Hilson and Lyfe Jennings. Singer, actor and TV personality Ray J served as the evening’s host. Tickets to the event were $50. At the end of the evening, Spivey and his wife, Shema Bennett Spivey, made a charitable contribution to DAPCEP. Happy birthday, councilman!