Society Confidential: Buddies join up to see pal Andrew 'Dice' Clay

Chuck Bennett
Special to The Detroit News
From left, comedian Andrew "Dice" Clay, Jackie Kallen, and Tommy Hearns, celebrating Hearns' birthday at Andiamo Showroom.

Jackie Kallen, the first lady of boxing, gathered her friends Tommy Hearns (world boxing title winner in five divisions) and Mark Zarkin (he owns Steven Lelli’s on the Green) for an outing to celebrate Tommy’s 61st birthday. They went to Andiamo Celebrity Showroom in Warren to see Jackie’s longtime friend, comedian Andrew “Dice” Clay. Afterward, they joined Andiamo owner Joe Vicari for dinner in a private room with Clay and his opening act, Eleanor Kerrigan. “I’ve been friends with Andrew for years,” Kallen explains. “We spend holidays together, bar mitzvahs. And contrary to his act, he is one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet.”

From left, Fox 2 News anchors Taryn Asher and Amy Andrews launch new podcast.

Fox 2 Detroit’s BFFs join up for podcast

Fox 2 Detroit’s anchors Taryn Asher and Amy Andrews have added another level to their careers with the launch of a new podcast called Start 2 Finish. Not only are Taryn and Amy co-workers, they’re best friends. “We’ve talked about doing a podcast for the past couple years,” explains Taryn. “Our Fox 2 viewers watch us every morning and night, but there are so many things that go on behind the curtain every day – at the studio and in life. We are working moms, who try to balance it all, and it’s not as glamorous as it seems.” On the podcast, the two will discuss health, fitness, aging, sexuality, and lifestyle tips and tricks. “We’re very happy to collaborate with Fox 2 News on this venture,” Taryn continues. “We will also feature guests who are experts or just real people with interesting points of view.”Start 2 Finish can be heard on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and soon on iHeart.

Thornetta Davis performs in Berlin

Thornetta Davis going global

Detroit’s own Queen of the Blues, Thornetta Davis, is spreading her phenomenal talent internationally. Last week, she performed two sold-out shows in Berlin, with performance artist Taylor Mac. Mac has a show called the “24-Decade History of Popular Music,” which covers music popular in the United States from 1776 to 2016. The show is a 24-hour performance, with one hour dedicated to each decade. Thornetta performed two decades of the show. Next week, she’s off to Denmark to perform with her band at the popular Blues Heaven Festival.

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