On climate change, the Pope is missing something

Frank Beckmann
Special to The Detroit News

Pope Francis made big news around the world when he issued his green encyclical, joining the radical fantasy world of eco-activists who claim mankind is destroying the planet by using fossil fuels, driving SVU’s, and barbecuing hamburgers during holiday celebrations.

Unfortunately, the Pope, like so many others, ranging from school kids to business people, has been duped in a way he may not even realize.

EPA boss Gina McCarthy said this week that climate change realists — she calls them “deniers” — aren’t “normal” and won’t “carry the day.”

But one is left to wonder what her definition of “normal” must be, especially given the main advisor to the Pontiff on his climate change screed.

Pope Francis is, by his own description, highly isolated from news and information about the real world.

The Pontiff says he hasn’t watched TV for 25 years, limits his external reading to 10 daily minutes perusing a single left-wing Italian newspaper, doesn’t use the Internet, and even relies on his security guards to update him about the scores of soccer games from his native Argentina.

What, then, qualifies him to issue a lengthy treatise feigning expertise about climate change and instructing world leaders and denizens on ways to change atmospheric conditions of the planet?

By relying on his own advisers, of course. The Vatican has what is called a Pontifical Academy of Sciences which includes the likes of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, economist Jeffrey Sachs, and others who promote the myth of man-made climate change.

A realist, Philippe de Larminat of France, was hopeful of joining the group at an April study meeting to explain that the sun has a greater influence than man on earth’s temperatures, but was told there was no room for him at the table.

Similarly, the Chicago-based Heartland Institute sent a delegation to Rome but was left to hold its own conference near the Vatican where the think tank offered up real data – not computer model predictions – about global climate patterns. No Vatican officials attended to consider information that might refute their preconceived fantasies.

But one man who did attend the meeting of the Pope’s alarmists was Germany’s Hans Schellnhuber, a self described atheist.

While Schellnhuber doesn’t share belief in the same God worshipped by Pope Francis, he does have his own faith and it’s based on the Gaia Principle.

He’s expressed a belief that “Gaia faces a powerful antagonist” — humans, which he considers the equivalent of a virus — and answers with events like earthquakes and arctic ice growth to cool itself.

In Schellnhuber’s world, mother earth is God and “will explode” if its population reaches 9 billion, a number that the UN projects in 2050 according to Briggs.

This is the type of “expert” Pope Francis relied on to come to his conclusions about climate change, not to mention the evils of capitalism in preying on the world’s poor.

One is left to wonder if EPA chief Gina McCarthy would consider the German to be “normal,” and hopes that the soccer scores Pope Francis gets from his minions are more accurate than the data he gets from his so-called science panel.

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