Beckmann: Trump’s smartmouthing gives Clinton cover

Frank Beckmann
Special to The Detroit News

Hillary Clinton owes a debt of gratitude, which she failed to express in the latest redo of her presidential campaign, call it Hillary 3.0.

While carefully choosing her tone and words this past week in sitdowns with friendly interviewers, she didn’t acknowledge the biggest reason her sagging aspirations aren’t getting even more attention.

That reason is Donald Trump.

Even as Hillary 3.0 was being introduced just days before Apple’s newest iPad (note to Clinton: you can set up your email accounts quite easily on the device), Trump grabbed headlines when Rolling Stone magazine claimed he criticized the looks of GOP opponent Carly Fiorina.

“Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that,” is what writer Paul Solotaroff quotes Trump as saying while the two of them watched a news program together.

And suddenly, the uninhibited Trump was in the headlines again, overshadowing Clinton’s lame reboot.

Although much of the Democrat-leaning media will ignore the obvious, this week’s episodes in the presidential efforts of the front runners reveal the stark difference between the two.

Trump says what he thinks and Clinton says what she hopes will sound good.

As an example, Clinton’s lapdog media tour this week included repeated assumptions of responsibility for using personal emails for sensitive government work but she only apologized for “the challenges it has created,” not the possibility that classified United States documents were jeopardized.

While she claimed her private email account was “allowed under State Department rules,” she failed to say that private emails are not allowed for transacting government business under policy dictated by the National Archives and Records Administration.

Clinton was also less than forthcoming when she claimed to have turned over all of her work-related emails to the State Department.

Of course, there’s much more to differentiate the two, starting with Clinton’s efforts to portray herself as a friend of the working class while enjoying a life of luxury.

While Clinton steers away from any discussion of her wealth, accumulated through speeches that garner her hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time, Trump wears his billions as a badge of his business acumen.

Trump employs thousands of people, but four of his employees have never been murdered while he refused to help like Clinton and Benghazi, and he has actually had to manage payrolls while Clinton can make no such claim, except for the house servants she employs and the private Internet people she’s hired to hide her mishandling of classified information.

Even when Trump makes comments that upset people, he can claim to have benefited others. After he attacked the undocumented immigrant issue, a Mexican entrepreneur created a Trump pinata.

Dalton Javier Ramirez of Reynosa, Mexico, a town known for its involvement in the country’s drug culture, sold about 40 of the Trump pinatas at $40 apiece, and reported orders for a dozen more.

That may not sound like much, but it was enough to drive Ramirez to hire two more workers, seek a larger shop with air conditioning and a new car on which he could paint advertising for his business.

Ramirez said he was most heartened by the number of people who thanked him for doing something positive and he now plans to focus on American politics again with a new piñata. He says he’s almost ready to roll out a Hillary Clinton edition.

There’s sure plenty to punch at there, but if it’s anything like her presidential qualifications, buyers will find nothing inside.

Frank Beckmann is host of “The Frank Beckmann Show” on WJR-AM (760) from 9 a.m. to noon Monday-Friday.