If you are like most homeowners, you have plenty of cleaning products in your cabinets that are used around the home. In addition, you probably have lots of cleaners for your cars, trucks and RVs sitting on shelves in your garage. But you probably don’t realize how many of these products can be used for both home and auto cleaning tasks.

One brand of automotive cleaning products for home use is Meguiars, One in particular is Mirror Glaze No. 9 Swirl Remover 2.0, which is great for cleaning the sticky grease and grime off oak kitchen cabinets, or for getting rid of unsightly water rings on your dining room tables or living room end tables. In addition, Meguiars also makes another cleaning product for the RV category — Clear Plastic Cleaner Polish — that also works to remove stains and deep clean Formica kitchen countertops and even plastic resin deck furniture.

Two automotive products that can help keep your shower tile and shower doors free from soap scum for a few months are Unelko’s Rain Clear, or Rain-X, They cause rain water to bead up and roll off a car windshield. The same principle applies when you put it on your fiberglass and ceramic tile shower walls and doors if applied after you clean off the soap scum and water spots.

Mother’s,, makes a pair of automotive cleaning products that can be used around the home. The Power Ball was designed as a buffing tool for use with the company’s car polishes but can also help you put a shine on things around the home, such as your shower doors, faucets, sinks, kitchen countertops and even your toilet tank. Mother’s Leather Cleaner is great for leather car seats but can also be used for cleaning leather furniture in your family room or man cave.

While the automotive world is ripe with cleaners and polishes, the B’laster Chemical Company,, has been making lubricant products for cars for more than 50 years. Two of the B’laster’s products that can also be used in a variety of maintenance projects at home include the All-Purpose Lubricant and the Dry Lube. Both can be used to loosen and lubricate sliding window and door tracks, hinges and locks.

When you look at the many products you use around the home, you might be surprised how many can be used for cleaning your vehicles. While Rosenthal’s Multipurpose Rug and Upholstery Cleaner, available from Bank’s Vacuum Superstores,, is a staple around the house, it’s also good for cleaning carpets and seats in your vehicles.

Doozy,, which makes products generally used for cleaning furniture, has a Pre-Cleaner product that works great on leather seats in your car. If you use Invisible Glass,, or Sprayway Glass Cleaner,, and a microfiber cloth to clean your bathroom mirrors and home’s windows, you can also use these products to clean the inside of your vehicle’s windows, gauges and rearview mirror.

Products like Contractors’ Solvent from De-Solv-It,, and Goo Gone,, get lots of uses around the home for cleaning everything from errant paint spots and candle wax drips to plastic deck furniture. But they are also excellent at cleaning tires, wheels, and even the road tar and cold patch you get on your car when you drive over recently asphalted roads. And both are good for getting adhesive stickers off car windows.

Then you have many basic items that you use around the house that can have another life in the garage. For example, the wet/dry vacuum you use to clean up your basement floor or your woodshop can also be used to suck out all the dirt and debris on your car’s floor and inside the trunk instead of doing it at the car wash.

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