Whenever I attend the National Hardware Show held annually in Las Vegas, I am always amazed at the amount of innovation that is happening in the product industry. And this year’s 70th show was no different. Here are some products that stood out to me:

Keeping tile grout clean is one of the hardest jobs around the house. Grout Gator ( is a unique cleaning tool that could make the job easier for you. The Grout Gator has movable brushes that attach to a cleaning plate and can be adjusted to meet various tile widths, from one inch to 13 inches, allowing you to clean more than one grout line at a time. With the Pro Extended Grout Gator you can even adjust the widths up to 24 inches. The beveled brushes are designed to deep clean the tightest of grout lines.

Whether you’re digging post holes for a mailbox or fence installation, Sika ( has a new product, Post Fix, that can help make post installation quick and easy. Instead of mixing large bags of cement for setting the pole, this small package contains a pre-proportioned polyurethane resin you can use instead. You just roll the package to mix the ingredients and pour it into the post hole. It sets in only three minutes and works for many types of posts, including wood, PVC, metal or concrete posts.

If you love working on your car, but hate dropping screws, bolts and fasteners on the garage floor, the Magnetic Finger from Busted Knuckle Garage ( can solve the problem. Used by Jay Leno and his mechanics at his Big Dog Garage, this snug, stretchy finger glove has a powerful magnet at the fingertip and allows you to hold and retrieve any small metal object with precise control.

DryLok (, one of the market-leading product lines for concrete waterproofing, introduced its Clear Masonry Waterproofer, the first nonpigmented masonry waterproofer specifically formulated for use on bare masonry floors and wall surfaces. It can be used for interior and exterior concrete floors, poured concrete walls, split-faced block, concrete and cinder block, stone, brick, stucco and pre-cast decorative items, and provides an easy to clean, nonyellowing high gloss finish.

For anyone who enjoys sitting around a roaring fire pit at home or at the cottage, there’s a product that makes it easier to start and maintain a good fire. Stump Chunks ( were developed by four brothers in New Hampshire based on their need to find a way to make it easier to start the outdoor fires they built frequently to enjoy with their families. With all the available tree stumps they had in their dense New Hampshire woods, they developed Stump Chunks as a fire starter using dried chunks of wood from these old stumps.

Whether you are entertaining on your deck, boat or man cave, keeping the beverages cold is a priority. That’s where two products — the Chill Puck ( and the SpinChill ( can come in handy.

The Chill Puck is an ice pack molded to match the bottom of all standard beverage cans. This shape maximizes the amount of surface area connecting the freezing cold ice pack and the can, actually chilling your beverage while you drink. Once you freeze the Chill Puck in your freezer, you just press and twist onto beverage to keep it cold.

With the SpinChill, you can chill warm beverages in minutes by attaching the unique spinning mechanism to the beverage bottle or can, sticking it on ice in a cooler or your freezer and then letting it spin until your pop, beer or wine is cold. It can chill a canned beverage in one minute, three minutes for a beer or pop bottle and five minutes for a wine bottle.

While some of these products are already available at local retailers, others are only available online, so check the websites first to see how you can purchase them.

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