It’s time for my holiday gift giving guide, with a focus on the home and home improvements. Here are some of this year’s suggestions:

If you know someone who still hangs a tennis ball on a string from their garage ceiling to help them know how far to pull their car into the garage, get them the SmartHome Laser Garage Parking system ( This laser unit mounts on the garage ceiling and you can position the bright red laser beam so it shines down on your dashboard when your car is in the right spot in the garage. It comes in single and two-car models, and is powered by a 9-volt battery.

For the handyman or woman that needs to measure distances that go beyond a standard tape measure, the Bosch Digital Distance Measurer ( is a great gift. Using precise laser technology, this tool reports accurate results for distances up to 130 feet.

If you have someone on your list that regularly uses loud power tools or lawn equipment, help protect their hearing while letting them enjoy their favorite music with the 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector ( It features an AM/FM stereo radio, is MP3 compatible and has a noise reduction rating of 24 decibels.

A versatile handheld device from General Tools is the Digital Moisture Meter ( that offers accurate moisture-level readings for wood, plaster and drywall. It is very useful when determining the level of surface dryness before painting or when picking out lumber for a project.

Shinola ( is a Detroit-based retailer that has created a worldwide buzz with its stylish, unique watches, leather products and even bicycles. Now Shinola is also offering its spin on a screwdriver set that features chromium-vanadium steel alloy blades and a black oxide finish.

For the professional contractor or semi-pro handy person on your list that needs to use their smartphone while on the job, check out the Jabra Steel Wireless Headset ( It allows them to keep their phone in their pocket and still answer calls. This Bluetooth headset is designed to resist dust, dirt, grime and water, and it is also shock resistant and comes with a five-year warranty.

Any Weather Channel addict that also wants to monitor their indoor air quality would love the Netatmo Weather Station ( It features an indoor sensor module that links to a smartphone and measures a home’s indoor comfort by providing vital information on humidity levels, air quality and CO2 levels. Add to that an outdoor module that gives you real-time weather information, including temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.

The Ring Video Doorbell ( is a perfect gift to monitor arriving guests, deliveries and anyone that rings the bell at the front door even if the owner isn’t home. This doorbell lets you answer the door from anywhere using your smartphone and features an HD camera with night vision, providing a clear view of anyone at your door, day and night.

In addition to all these unique gift ideas, don’t forget my favorite stocking stuffers: gift cards from the local hardware store or home center. That is always an appropriate gift for anyone who owns a home, because there is always something they need to buy to maintain or improve it.

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