Handyman: National Hardware Show spotlights trends

Glenn Haege
Special to The Detroit News

Over 2,800 exhibitors and nearly 30,000 industry professionals converged on the Las Vegas Convention Center recently for the National Hardware Show, This is the 71st show, and as always it offered members of the hardware and home improvement industry the opportunity to discover new products and learn about industry trends.

New and innovative products were on display in every household category, from plumbing and electrical to paint, hardware, outdoor products and even pet supplies.

The show was divided into 15 product categories to help attendees and media navigate through the thousands of products and vendors. After three days of talking with exhibitors and seeing products in all 15 categories, these are the ones that I found the most unique:

A pair of innovative products at the show came from a single Michigan company. One featured a way to make any wall a place for expressing ideas while the other keeps graffiti from places it shouldn’t be.

Simiron,, presented Smark,, a smart dry erase paint that can turn any surface into a place to share your ideas or show off your creativity. The easy to use clear semigloss coating comes in kits that cover from 50 to 100 square feet. From office walls to kitchen cabinets and even the kids playroom, Smark and some dry erase markers can make you into Michelangelo.

Keeping another kind of expression off of walls, masonry, concrete and steel is the goal of Cerafin. The two-part protective barrier coating goes on in one coat and offers excellent corrosion and UV resistance. Best of all, Cerafin makes it easy to clean graffiti from coated surfaces, using either a power washer or Cerafin Graffiti Remover, detergents or solvents.

Speaking of corrosion, we here in the Rust Belt know what damage can be wrought when metal meets moisture. One of the best substances to protect from rust and corrosion has something in common with that wool sweater you just put away. Fluid Film,, relies on Lanolin or woolwax to provide not only a barrier to rust but also provide superior lubrication. It penetrates to bare metal and stays soft and pliable, making it well suited for automotive, boating, lawn and garden and other uses.

There are times that you think you don’t really need to use a tool. For instance, taking off an adhesive sticker or dried paint off of a glass mirror. If you’re like me, the 10 little tools at the ends of your fingers come into play, often with painful results. Instead of your fingernail, now you have a Scrigit, Made in the USA and dishwasher safe, a Scrigit lets you clean, scrape and remove common substances without damaging the surface. Complete with pocket clip and just a bit larger than a pencil, the blue plastic tool saves time, effort, and your fingers.

Keep your toolbox – or most anything else – secure with a reinvention of the padlock called LockSmart from Australian company Dog & Bone ( On the outside, it looks like a familiar round padlock with one exception; there’s no dial. In fact you open and close LockSmart with your cellphone Bluetooth connection. With two-year battery life, or up to 3,000 opens, USB charging and the ability to send access and track opening remotely, LockSmart comes in two sizes and is priced at $69.95 and $89.95.

Once all the chores are done and you’re ready to relax, there’s just one more job and a new tool to get done. Your reward of a cool beverage is stopped dead in its tracks when you discover the bottle is topped with a non-twist-off cap. Without missing a beat. you deftly reach up and remove your Cheers Sunglasses,, and release your libation in one smooth motion. Featuring two styles and a rainbow of colors, each pair offer UV protection and a patented bottle opener integrated into the temples.

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