New laws come with growing pains, and teachers unions seem to be having a hard time adjusting to right to work. Teachers no longer have to join a union as a condition of employment — something they didn’t have a choice about before the law took effect in March 2013.

The Michigan Education Association has fought back, maintaining for more than a year that teachers could only leave the union during the month of August, a stipulation in the group’s bylaws. An administrative law judge struck down that provision in September, which means members can leave any time during the year.

The latest example of a union having a run-in with right to work comes from the Brighton Education Association. Brighton High School social studies teacher Adam Neuman left the local and state union this summer, and he’s challenging why he still has to pay fees to cover the “release time” for teachers who do union work on the job.

He shouldn’t have to. That clearly goes against the intent of the law.

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