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Editor’s Note: Food police target soft drinks

Ingrid Jacques
The Detroit News

Notice to parents: You aren’t trusted. At least when it comes to feeding your children.

That’s the growing message from the federal government and other child health advocates. First it was school lunches and bake sales that had to tighten their calorie belts.

Now it’s fast food restaurants.

Yes, that’s right. Burger King is the latest fast food chain to drop soft drinks from its kids’ menu. It made the announcement last week after increasing pressure to do so. Children can now only sip on juice or milk with their burger and fries.

Wendy’s and McDonald’s had previously removed soft drinks as the default beverage with kids’ meals.

“Ensuring that our children can make healthy choices is an important part of raising them,” declared a statement from the grassroots advocacy group “When restaurants offer up sugary drinks as a default choice, it undermines those efforts.”

But whatever happened to giving parents the option of what to let their children eat and drink? No fast food restaurant ever forced a parent to purchase pop for their child. It’s a choice. And sometimes it’s a fun treat to take a child out for a burger and a Coke.

It’s at home that parents should instill good eating and health habits. Keep the food police out of fast food joints.