Editor’s Note: Flint botches mayoral race

Ingrid Jacques
The Detroit News

Just a week after the governor announced the end of Flint’s financial emergency, the city is experiencing severe pains as it returns to local control.

Gov. Rick Snyder last week called it “a new day for Flint,” which went under state authority in November 2011, and said the city is ready for the transition to local control, with the oversight of a Receivership Transition Advisory Board to ensure financial stability.

At a time when the city must be attracting the best possible leaders to keep Flint viable, city officials have botched the process to get mayoral candidates on the August primary ballot.

Candidates interested in running for mayor missed the state deadline to file because the city clerk’s office gave them the wrong date.

And the one candidate who did file before the state deadline of April 21 doesn’t appear to have enough valid signatures, although he’s challenging that.

So as of right now, there won’t be a primary election. Unless the city gets a court order allowing an exception for the four candidates who filed by April 28, the November election would feature only write-in candidates.

That’s certainly a rough transition out of emergency management — and it’s not fair to Flint residents.