Editor’s Note: A better solution for college debt

Ingrid Jacques
The Detroit News

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio used much of his speech in Detroit last week to draw a firm line between himself and Hillary Clinton. At 44, the youthful GOP presidential contender is playing his age to his advantage.

Rubio mentioned several times that the presidential election in 2016 will be a “generational choice” — an obvious reference to the age gap that separates him and the Democratic frontrunner.

Rubio’s message is that the best way for the next generation to achieve the American Dream is for the government to back off. That’s a direct contrast to what Clinton has been saying. Take the debate over how to relieve college student debt, which both candidates recognize is a serious problem.

Clinton recently introduced a $350 billion plan to reduce debt — yet this would only shift the cost burden to taxpayers. Rubio called her solution “lazy leadership” during his speech.

“I will expose higher education to the market forces of choice and competition, which will prompt a revolution driven by the needs of students,” Rubio said.

More government involvement isn’t the answer, and Rubio offers a refreshing alternative. Let’s hope it wins out over the promise of more handouts.