Editor’s note: Give up the fight, Steve Conn

Ingrid Jacques
The Detroit News

Steve Conn has got to be exhausted.

Ever since he was elected president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers in a runoff election in January, Conn has been in constant battle mode.

But the fight he started for the 4,000 teachers he’s supposed to represent ended up turning other union leaders against him. They thought he was more concerned with protests and his own agenda than the union’s best interests.

So the executive board ousted him last month.

Conn attempted to overturn that decision last week, but he didn’t get the votes necessary to do so.

Instead of accepting his loss, Conn put the gloves back on and announced he would try to form a new union.

Detroit Public Schools is in a world of hurt right now and major changes are on the horizon.

The district’s teachers need a leader who can represent their interests while working with the current Emergency Manager Darnell Earley.

That leader is not Conn.